The Machine That Kills Bad People 

Damn sounds like a great and useful machine and with no catch whatsoever

Mr Show 90s tech billionare sketch 

rewatching the series and just came upon this one on the Richard Stallman-esque "founder of the delete key"....

website question — probably a simple one, but i just barely understand HTML 

my website at present is just two HTML text files that I upload to Dreamhost with Filezilla.

It is very very simple and I like that.

But now I see it is not a secure site (and is flagged as such by web browsers).

I'm guessing this is an SSL issue. Can anyone advice: what is the simplest to understand/easiest way to install an SSL certificate (or whatever I need to do to fix my website)?

weird state 

I did not know there were President Coolidge stans but if I might had guessed, I would have guessed correctly what state they might be found (New Hampshire)

Portland me impressions 

Theoretically it could be a great place to live. It’s really nicely laid out with lots of good coffee shops and there’s a beautiful promenade by the water with bike trails and lovely places to sit. But! From memorial to Labor Day, apparently—it’s just like Crumbert Crompet Walker Bush VIII types strolling around and driving like idiots until they arrive at their compounds

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i was just about to watch a documentary that microsoft produced years ago that is available on their site. it says "free rentals" so i thought, ok cool, i'll just log in with my microsoft office account. but of course .....there is a catch

Unified Units 

yes, i just googled "apartment complex names" for help in naming an apartment in this story. and yes, this list helps because all are so bad anything i come up with is immediately better lol

thankfully we do all agree amazon is evil 

my plans for tomorrow — i had scheduled to see the Fall River warehouse tour last year but it was cancelled in the quarantine. will see what kind of bullshit they pull over zoom

astronaut living his best life 

for reasons i don't understand, politicians and lawyers are constantly writing James Patterson-style airport thriller novels...
but this i would read (ideally on a plane, after herd immunity)

new sneakers 

i'm :blobaww: 😍😎today because i got these trail running sneakers on sale for $35. i couldn't ordinarily justify getting a pair since my normal sneakers are fine for the off-road paths I go on, but these are soo cozy and colorful and probably going to work well for summer hiking too. 🏃‍♀️💙

this is how the words "Joanne-McNeil_headshot.jpg" are truncated on my desktop. thanks OS X, i'll take it

the joy of the shade of a tree that becomes an impromptu umbrella in light rain

last tango in cyberspace 

i can't get over that this is a real book that was released last year.


my long abandoned myspace profile has resurfaced. i thought i had deleted it or i might have gone thru it researching my book. or maybe some archives were down that are now back up...who knows.

this was from the photobooth at schubas in chicago. i always thought i looked too severe but the internet boys always liked it (maybe the tie?) so i left it up....hmmm

uspol lmao 

I didn't even think Dublin was that small a town? They have got a nice library....but lookit. Six randos went to the polls and wrote down their dogs' names or some shit. New Hampshire! 👏​

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