self-googling as a wOmAn pUbLiC FiGuRe 

welp the "joanne mcneil age" related search has started popping up. can't be long before "joanne mcneil husband" follows suit

@brainwane yeah, that's a really helpful site! i'm looking it over now since i'm just down the street from a CVS

@brainwane thanks! yeah, i'm waiting for the official PCR result to come in to call my doctor about it.

@darius i'm mostly fine but the biggest pain in the ass has been finding resources like —where to get a PCR test, can i get a hotel reimbursed (evidently, obviously no), how to re-book flight etc etc

still astonished that nothing useful comes up when you google: "what to do if you test postive for covid" AFTER TWO FUCKING YEARS

me: i can get work done despite having covid. it's a mild case, and i feel mostly fine.

also me: *misreads White House in a news story as a reference to the mid-aughts shopping mall fashion boutique franchise White House/Black Market*

The Machine That Kills Bad People 

Damn sounds like a great and useful machine and with no catch whatsoever

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Was helping my sister configure her hand-down computer and apparently she uses NeoPets to benchmark "because the page is just so heavy and inefficient. If it runs the neopets solitaire smoothly, it's good enough fo me".

Mr Show 90s tech billionare sketch 

rewatching the series and just came upon this one on the Richard Stallman-esque "founder of the delete key"....

"Stencil on the left plant pot" 

thank you random wikipedian for documenting the cool graffiti in this picture despite it having nothing to do with the topic this image is used for

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This is such an awful take. So many people who made Twitter a great community site now only use it to announce projects, if they haven’t quit entirely. Leaving looks like posting less, then reading less, then forgetting to read entirely.

TSA weirdness 

TSA was more backed up than I’ve ever seen it at Logan. They flagged almost half the bags that went through. understaffed as it is, this took forever. My bag was flagged because I didn’t take out my Kindle (bc “a tablet”) and then it was flagged a second time after which there were twelve other trays lined up for further inspection. The TSA agent thankfully grabbed it and didn’t make me wait again

Very weird. Anyway this has been my taking airport tweets off twitter toot

Atlanta recommendations? ATL fediverse meet-up? 

Wow such great recommendations—thanks everyone! I’m around most evenings next week if there’s any interest in a Mastodon meet-up

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Atlanta recommendations? 

@mxvesp super helpful —Thank you!

Atlanta recommendations? 

I’m in Cabbagetown for the next couple weeks. Anyone have recommended places to grab coffee/go for a walk/etc?

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One of the joys of the fediverse is @tripofmice's monthly live blog of TeaTime Magazine, a magazine made for, well, mostly old lady tea enthusiasts

We Don't Need Corporate Social Media 

@cgbrooke thanks for reading Collin!

We Don't Need Corporate Social Media 

@andy interesting!! i'm always so delighted to see the podcasts that seem to have like twelve listeners (all people they know IRL) and then a million episodes in the archives. that feels like social media too even if it's not talked about that way...

lmao ok i just tried to set up a mastodon list and now in my attempt to *add friends* to it, i have only succeeded in renaming the list 'Darius'

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