90s sample cds - this is of questionable legality, watch out...

of particular interest: "AKAI Anime Sound FX.7z "

I keep being reminded that there was a jeopardy response that was "spongebob" and they didn't give it to them until they specified "squarepants".

I feel like there was a music video that used this effect, but they 3d animated it instead of doing it the correct way

the search results on amazon for "heated socks" are powerful aesthetics

trying to figure out a thing (I have failed to figure out the thing, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with floating point error)

vocabulary: a clothes pin is now called a laundry pinch.

my favourite thing about being one of the imps from DOOM? hm, well it's got to be when i shoot a fireball at doomguy and it hits him right in the nuts 😈

video games 

been playing fortnite maybe someone wants to squad up at some point?

Face drawing 

Made this connect the dots for the kid last night - he did a pretty good job I think.

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