this is the first year that I have done fun a day where I picked a project where the minimum time I can spend and get something done is 45 seconds, and I am loving it.

the avgs don't add up because I am heavily fudging them, and excluding one big project that is a carry over from last year.

I also only avg about 1.3 hours per day on projects, so I don't feel bad about this - though follow through feels important. I am gonna need to figure out a way to track when projects are done - but I am also gonna have to finish something to do that. currently all my projects are open ended.

started another project? One of the side effects of the journalling software I am using is I can see how many new projects I start per year

I am currently at 6 new projects for the year, avg of 1 new project every 4 days. The avg length of time I spend on a project is 3 hours.

I gotta put this somewhere may as well be here (my saving system isn't working right now :0 )

some little ascii avatars (feel free to grab one if you would like)

Why can't I get a pocket operator clone on my Android phone?

Just the white keys please, but keep it minor.

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Some really wonderful women who I've had the privilege of working with are interviewed in the New York Times. They run a group called and it's about eschewing the venture capital grow-or-die model of running a business. While I'm more about worked-owned coops, I think "the dazzle" (as they call themselves, aka a group of zebras) does valuable work.

Their podcast (which I produced):

Got a targeted YouTube ad for a medical condition I have, and am curious what way Google got that data

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A shit post that I think of between 1130 and 1230 nearly every Monday Tuesday and Thursday

I think I am starting to hit my stride with ascii drawings

Oh wait I found a release by dj Windows 7 as well.

There are "dj Windows XP", "dj Windows 98" and "dj dos" but as far as I can tell, no other DJs named after Microsoft operating systems

Spotify discovery feed is where I go when I want to hear a new take on that old preset

10k bowls of oatmeal, but it is the contents of my Spotify discovery feed.

I know that false negatives would annoy me more, but the fact that I can unlock my phone with a giant cut across my fingerprint doesn't make me feel great.

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