Listening to some riffy instrumental metal, and keep turning it up Everytime another good riff pops up and now it is incredibly loud


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"Follow me on mastodon!" I say to the other cavemen as I lumber into the sunset on my giant steed

Lol, ok looking at the NIME 2019 papers now, and there are some gems here. "an active wine glass instrument with a liquid sloshing vibrato mechanism"

Not that commercial is bad! I think it's neat that you can be working on the edge and flip your stuff - maybe it's that there is an academic -> commercial pipeline that didn't exist 10 years ago.

More likely, I just don't follow the research.

What's the 2019 reactable?

I'm grateful this list is still up tho, it's such a good timecapsule.

I wonder what this list would look like now. It seems like musical interface research exploded since it was made, but it seems like everyone moved to modular and commercial space stuff

Watching movies 

Found a maybe better one? Me and my partner shortly after we started dating

Fix those frustrating websites 

Fix those frustrating websites 

@sinvega you cdda posts are making me want to crack it open and give it a solid try. I never made it very far in before.

On visual inspection bake looks good, but I made a few errors, the biggest of which is I bought the wrong paste by mistake... Turns out it's an extra low temp paste that when alloyed to lead (which my board is coated in) it gets even lower. 90c :( so my power chip will probably melt right off.

Gonna fix those Bridges and see if everything else is working good tho - worth verifying before making the next revision.

I said no electricity, but I guess combustion is allowed :/ potential energy is weird.

I feel like there is a solution involving something from a great height.

What's loudest human powered instrument? Temporary energy storage other than electricity is allowed.

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