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I live in seattle with @morgan, I work on a game engine (2 guesses which one) doing mainly ui and graphics programming. I've been working in games for about a decade now, somehow.

I also do music stuff, currently working on a little synthesizer. I do other "art" stuff sometimes.

I'm a dad.

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i'm done - I did all of them!

I added a link to my way out of date hackaday project log for my synth.

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my look:
- vans checked slip ons
- spy vs spy t-shirt
- those chef trousers
- large houndstooth patterned jacket

Toilet pizza / ai imagery 

You've heard of deep dish pizza, here is toilet pizza (as directed by George Lucas)

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Lol, the word "cronenberg" is banned, so I guess I don't get to find out what it would look like if he directed a high school jazz band.

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I asked midjourney what it would be like if hr giger did the alien design for an atmospheric sci-fi horror film directed by ridley Scott.

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oh, and I completed the first black MDF case test with its bottom plate.

I thought the contrast would be too much but I actually really dig it, probably more than the oiled MDF? I didn't do a great jib taking pictures, bet it actually retains most of the grain quality, it's just a lit more subtle.

wdyt? should I be trying 'real colors' next? suggestions? palettes are really not my thing 😬

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Welcome to #Whamageddon. The challenge: during the month of December, go as long as possible without hearing the song “Last Christmas” by Wham. Post when you lose. Covers don’t count. Have fun.

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My entry for #NaNoGenMo:

"████ ██ Ishmael"

Take one #MobyDick and black out all repeated words, preserving punctuation. We show each word on its first occurrence, but all subsequent appearance are replaced with █ characters.

The book starts out with lots of words showing, and just a few blacked out, but quickly obscures the most common words.

The runs of two words are somewhat poetic, as only infrequent words pepper the final pages. #projects

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I’ve recently released gpu-io – a #webgl computing library for real-time physics simulations, particle/agent-based systems, cellular automata, image processing, and general purpose GPU computations.


gpu-io makes it easy to build GPU-accelerated apps without worrying about low-level WebGL details and browser inconsistencies. Designed for WebGL2 with fallbacks for WebGL1. WebGPU support is planned! More in thread 🧵...

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Critical Distance, a non-profit I volunteer for on the board of directors, needs help. We have been archiving and contextualising online games writing for 13 years. We are asking for help to allow us to continue operating, and perhaps even invest in building longer term resilience. I'd be very grateful for any help spreading the word:

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perhaps *now* people here are ready to appreciate my bold vision for the star wars franchise

Idle thoughts while eating lunch:
I wonder if I can eliminate the overhead of the while loop + switch statement in an interpreter by storing common executions to ram and then jumping execution to that point... Oh no I've invented jitting.

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Hit by sudden inspiration yesterday, I created an entry for #NaNoGenMo, a silly challenge to write a program that generates a 50,000 word book. "Broken Computer Games" mashes up code from David Ahl's best-selling 1978 book Basic Computer Games. That was the first computer book to sell one million copies, and taught a generation of budding programers how to program in the #BASIC language.

For this project, my little python script randomly selects two of the Basic computer games and mashes them up by choosing a few lines of code from each program. I generated hundreds of these, then ran the programs in #pybasic. I chose the programs that worked (at least nominally) and with the most interesting output to create this book. See it at

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Art from the book "Mr. Invincible: Local Hero" - by Pascal Jousselin

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The talk by @neauoire in Handmade Seattle is really interesting conceptually, even to someone like me who doesn't code or anything. Like permaculture for computing.

Also the Q&As at the end.

(1hr25 to about 2hr20)

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how neat is this? recreation and free community pantry in one.

@nasser you are likely already aware of this, but I read the first paragraph and thought of your anti github workflow ideas from a few months ago

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