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Hey folks I need a job again. Looking for game jobs or anything in the Seattle area. Contract is ending

Currently: Game System Designer on a major AAA game

Past: Game designer on AAA and F2P games, Unity game programmer, and QA

Skills: Unity/C# (5+ years) Game design (4 years) Lua, JavaScript, C++, etc

Lmk if you have any leads and if not feel free to boost it otherwise. looking for work sucks. thanks

Npr had a thing on Lego this morning, and the host did the wrong name evry time, and the interview subjects got it right evry time.

ugh, I don't think I can actually do 31drl for this months fun a day. every time I think about it, I just lose all motivation - even though I have fun once I got started. Gotta figure out something lower friction.

oh yeah, missing the sfc slowjams, this is the correct amount of progress for one day

Tentatively planning on doing a 31drl for fun a day March? It seems like it will be hard to do discreet bits, but on the other hand, maybe not?

Of all the aspirational bits of Mad Max, the one that resonates most with me is the idea of using an amp to play a guitar.

Carpooled with a buddy of mine and chatted diy modular synths and it was so nice. What a good day.

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Drinking a hot can of seltzer, and while I wouldn't do it twice, it is interestingly disgusting

I think I am gonna need a third party consultation on if any of them are interesting enough to pack up into a thing.

Finally getting around to listening to my fun a days from this month and they are pretty ok

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@jonbro, you get the unnamed Sheriff of Bullet Valley, who commissioned Donald Duck as a deputy to help round up a dangerous gang of cattle rustlers. He based this decision on Donald's encyclopedic knowledge of cowboy movies.

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boost this and i will assign you a random obscure disney comic book character

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in some scenes, Luke appears to be sadder than usual. i postulate this is in fact due to the presence of a second, Sadder Luke,

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Friendly note for creators.

What you can control:

1. What you practice
2. How much you practice
3. How you direct your energy
4. Your technique
5. Your expectations

What you can't control:

1. Results
2. Fame
3. Luck
4. Others
5. Ranking algorithms
6. Trends

Impromtu trip to the swamp is turning into an impromptu trip to two swamps.

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