Temporary desk 

While I'm waiting to get a better desk, hopefully this one doesn't injure me too much.

Finally reading marx 

And asking myself what I have done to abolish private property today

Mech keys, ergonomic 

This is the dactyl, but the
Dactyl Manuform: github.com/abstracthat/dactyl-
And DMOTE: viktor.eikman.se/article/the-d
are both interesting mods to it.

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desk + 

I will have one more desk than I did in the past.

modern office options 

just shopping for furniture, and as much as I like the idea of an integrated nap spot, I dunno.

Upcoming game I'm excited to play 


Didn't get to play this the first time around, and I'm excited to see what it's like with a much more experienced designer making it.

Roguelike which is generated / modded by the prior days winners.

programming complain 

Am I the weird one to expect code compiles to occur in under a second?

Rust feels unusably slow to me :(

Programming fun 

ok, well i went down a hole. I don't know if my code completion is fully working, but its better than zero? I'm also using this: github.com/cdr/code-server on my digital ocean server so I don't need to suffer through vim.

A few more days of bashing my head against this and I might have a good dev environment!

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Watching anime 

Been watching death note to fall asleep, and kinda enjoying it. The super serialized padding helps if I miss giant chunks.

I am hoping that there is a character development pretty soon tho, not much of consequence has happened in the past hour.

Interior decoration q 

I think one of the issues is we lean towards maximilism in our decoration tastes, we always have our walls hung with art salon style, which is all extremely vibrant. Im starting to think that there might be mechanical solutions to this though?

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Interior decoration q 

I would like to have a television at some point in the future (we currently use a projector w/ temp screen or an iPad to watch TV + movies).

My partner reasonably doesn't want a black void as the centerpiece of our living space. Does anyone have any interior decoration ideas to combat black void rectangle?

If you want to donate ~5 dollars to a bail find and get a really good sampler for your phone: mobile.twitter.com/elf_audio/s

At least in the first two lessons, there are much less ligatures than I was expecting. Im guessing that is as a learning aid? I know nothing.

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I like how Duolingo Arabic assumes you already know it is an rtl language.

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uspol image (the white house) 

made a mini animation of the lights going off at the White House


Too many wasd games this weekend, can feel my rsi acting up.

My goal: be the dumbest guy in the room

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