Tucoplexing seems interesting, but I gotta figure out exactly how pin starved I am (I don't think it's quite necessary yet)

I do think I can build this same matrix with 6 pins rather than 8 though, just by splitting the column half of the matrix between led and switch.

I think this is cheaper pin wise than splitting off the led portion to its own Charlieplexed thing (25 LEDs and 25 switches could be driven from 15 pins rather than 16 pins).

Unfortunately you can't charlieplex switches without ghosting.

Only c should be high here, but the current is going back over one of the LEDs and then through a closed switch on row 1, so we get ghosting.

I think that accurately describes why you can't have a switch matrix and an led matrix on the same pins, even if the diode directions are flipped.

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jojo posting, violence against nuts 

I managed to not injure myself AND do some soldering last night.

Welp, I guess I'm gonna find out if I can hand solder 1mm pitch stuff. Thats 3mm on the short edge and a bit smaller than I was expecting, lol

Hobby, pain 

Hobby, pain 

Hobby, pain 


You can find these displays on eBay for 290 dollars for 40 characters worth of chips.

I want 1920 of them.

Down the rabbit hole, looking at rare oop multisegment led displays that had limited manufacture runs in the 80s

It's absurd. You can fuckin buy a gun any weekend at a gun show with basically no rules. Why would you print one? Or if you want the experience of making something, just go to home Depot and get a length of pipe.

My local library has a shitload of 3d printers, but you cant actually print anything you make on them because you might print a gun. Instead you can select from a pre approved library of skulls.

My job today is largely watching progress bars. So I am just here dreaming about working on my hobby stuff.

also, that display up on top is kinda absurd. I think I could collapse the size if I built out the support hardware myself, and just bought the bare display. Something to think about.

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