I'm in Seattle. I missed this climate.

iOS music app recommendation 

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You know, a lot of them are pretty good -- I'm fond of for its striking and confident silhouette, but I'm also partial to  , which by it's near-nothingness beautifully illustrates the concept of variegation within nothings -- but, ultimately, I just can't tear myself away from a good, ol' fashioned

Havent seen any lizards falling from the trees yet.

just bought my kids name .com because it was available for some reason :0

Lol not gonna review my apple Dev program membership finally. Paid that tax long enough.


Got the sequencer hooked up with the sampler, and now I desperately want rgb leds and pwm on the LEDs. I suspect I can get away with shitty slow pwm and a single color, but it would be nice to have more.


But... I could run a webserver you could push Lua to via WiFi. Oooooohhhhh that would be nice.

Also the most significant issue: would extend the project timeline massively.

This project is so cool: hackaday.com/2019/05/24/eurora

Its kinda making me want to ditch teensy 4 as my mcu, and switch to esp32. It would also drive the cost down significantly (20->6 dollars for mcu).

On the downside, I'd be running at 250mhz instead of 600, and significantly less ram, and would need to rewrite a ton of shit.

My ole buddy is looking for examples of sound games for a course he is teaching and people here might have ideas?


I discovered that I got some tremendous noise on my mic input, coming from my oled, so I'm gonna have to do some trickery to get rid of it :/

Also, I ran the numbers on doing a run of 5 of these, and it looks like its gonna cost me around 100 a piece at that quantity... In case anyone wants to buy a super early build.

hmmm, I didn't clean up my references - but my schematics still open. It turns out that kicad caches all your footprints so you don't need to maintain references to your libraries. Thats nice.

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