looptober meta 

I keep making loops that I think aren't interesting or good enough for looptober and then I remembered for me just doing it anyway is the point of looptober

looptober process 

I liked when @makingarecord described what he did to make his, so I'm going to start doing this when I think it may be interesting!

this one started with me drumming onto a drum pad with a slipper on top and trying to get something with, ironically, a minimal cold wave drum machine feel. that's recorded to a loop pedal, which I then built over with some moog matriarch tones and wrote it to my hand recorder. I then did a bit of audio editing to get the levels right in audacity.

looptober process 

I spent time teaching myself to type in 9 to 5 as three different sequences into my sequencer on my moog, then got frustrated with lining them up into the loop pedal because of latency, so just shoved a bunch of things from both synths every which way. succes

looptober notes 

I'm feeling pretty bleh about this looptober so decided to start doing prompts with @ranjit ! this one is pulled from oblique strategies. I wanted to just pick a note and see how interesting I could get the tone using the four oscillators in my matriarch. ended up with a few more notes and don't know if how lush it sounded on the machine translated into recording but it is late and my brick is nearing a wall

2021 - 06
stan alexander, or:
a nugget that is paying for being polished up

looptober notes 

method is prob obvious, but I'm out of town and away from my synths for next few days! so next few loops are gonna be pretty different

2021 - 08
"Toynbee's idea in 2001"

(playing catchup after a week away! let's goooo)

looptober process 

I'm trying to touch the keyboard as little as possible lately and not use the sequencer at all if I can. so, I'm routing a bunch of outputs into other inputs and, right now, trying to get to a mechanical spacey sound—still not totally sure what's going on with this but here's what the matriarch looks like hah

2021 - 09
[video of swarming looping turkey cultures, included in next post]

looptober process and ref 

uh oops *turkey vultures, not cultures


I did a sequence on my subsequent 37 and pumped it in through the instrument input on my matriarch to pick up spacey vibes. I had a more majestic sounding loop for this but fucked it up and turkey vultures are creepy anyway so went that way. idk may post other one but prob not because this looper stops for no editing


@christa excellent, love the big buuuuaaawang

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