fun a day 22 

I'm going to try to make a quick thing a day during jan with my project.. some of those things might be music, some of them might just be pushing the software forward. Anyways, here is a little loop.

tdm for the drums and the first synth, sequencing the td-3 over midi.

I'm passing it through the m8, just for a little reverb & limiting.

fun a day 22 

I got sample playback (loading straight from header files / flash) working, and shitty bpm control. Then my back hurt to much to make a tune.

Maybe today.

fun a day 22 

made parameter setting work & slicing up samples work

fun a day 22 

shit, seems like that high pitched whine is from my LEDs fuckin crap.

fun a day 22 

@jonbro poop! :piss: !

at first i thought you meant the leds were making an audible sound somehow, but then I got it


fun a day 22 

@ranjit yeah, the pwm that is controlling their brightness is leaking into the codec either via power or ground :(

I missed this before sending off the next rev, so now I have at least one more prototype to go

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