oh no, thinking about sdfs and voxels again

this is where I gave up the last time

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playing around with cpu side culling of a big edit list - its neat to see the shortcuts you can take here - just using aabbs for now.

missing alt text:

A big pile of grey cubes, cut on the side to reveal their insides.

the trick that I didn't realize until today is that if your two ops are add and subtract, you can early out if a cell is fully contained within an add op (filled), or early out if a cell is fully contained within a subtract op (empty).

@jonbro oooh i love this stuff!! excited to see what you make

@objelisks ha, realistically I should not reopen this project until I close my current project.

@jonbro It's great!

Unrelated but I was unaware of nitter, which looks super handy.

@andy oh its so good - critical to my "never log into twitter" plan.

I only wish my automatic redirect that I have installed on my desktop computer would work on my phone.

@jonbro btw you might find this paper interesting. it's a compute rasterizer for point clouds that can push two billion points in under 16.6 ms on a 3090. they conclude that it is a bit heavy weight for games yet, but i think there's some good stuff to take inspiration from, especially for a point cloud based SDF renderer like dreams

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