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good progress today - I've gotta work out some issue with the center one (I think my bodge needs to be rebodged), but I've got 3 units that I think I can share.

I've got another 2 that I'm keeping for firmware dev :)

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implemented a quick fixed delay unit and made another song. No midi control for the acid box this time, just free running.

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tried to focus on just the exact things I needed to do to make a song, and this is what I got after a few hours of work.

tdm on chords & breaks
tdm sending midi to acid box
tdm mixing in acid box audio
tdm to tape

woke up at 5 am today so did some hacking on the project and ... my new file system is now sampling and playing back samples!

that was an incredible detour, but glad i did it.

I discovered a new weird hardware issue while working on this though: the device enters into a bootloop when the headphone cable isn't plugged in, but only if I initialize the codec.

also, printed a new case with a riser that sits behind the screen and raises it up to the level of the face plate.

Rocket city trash pandas is a great baseball team name.

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