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@ranjit I wish - it wasn't noticeable in the song at all.

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After years of resisting (and, frankly, lack of interest) I've finally broken and started borrowing ebooks from the library to read on ebook hardware. What's the most free software version of this I can be doing?

@xor I was looking at this (and the inkplate) last year - but it seems likely to be tricky to integrate with libby.

@alex fuck I can't believe they got the budget for this. The first one was such a flop.

@HXLNT oh hey! glad to see you here! and awesome to see post as well.

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I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: #theWorkshop

@andy oh its so good - critical to my "never log into twitter" plan.

I only wish my automatic redirect that I have installed on my desktop computer would work on my phone.

@objelisks ha, realistically I should not reopen this project until I close my current project.

oh no, thinking about sdfs and voxels again

this is where I gave up the last time

@aeva awesome! I'm not sure I'm ready to revive my toy voxel sdf thingy, but these notes are gonna be my starting point if i do.

I gave up at the culling SDF ops stage, so I could never really have complex models :(

@aeva I guess I can't think of an alternate way to approach :D

this is really cool to see an end to end implementation of this.

@aeva oh neat! storing aabbs for the sdf ops is clever.

@aeva whoa, this is cool! Do you have different sdfs at different levels of the octtree?

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