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@kit @casey damn, unfortunate. Id love to see this many legged nightmare board at the skatepark.

@alex no joke, I forgot I was listening to this, and went to find the soundcloud tab to pause it (where I was previously listening to speed garage bangers)

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I watched a nice video the other day interviewing @timonsku and got sad when I realized there is no way to make this project actually pay for itself :(

It was the section talking about how they are ordering in batches of 1k, and all assembly / testing is done at the factory.

absolutely no way for me to hit that, this baby is gonna be 100% coated in my finger prints, every time.

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the intent of the major refactor is so I can decouple the sequencer data from the things that go beep, so I can both support polyphony & voice stealing ... i.e. have more sequences than I have voices to support playing back.

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two units are as good as they are gonna get hardware wise, and I'm planning on giving them to pals on saturday, so last night seemed like the perfect time to start in on a


@aeva huh, I wonder why I do that ... I ran into an issue last night with enums where I needed to do that typedef thing or the compiler complained.

@aeva no c++isms is generally how I write c++ anyways. I don't know why I didn't confirm incorrect belief I had earlier (I thought all function calls went through a vtable)

@aeva the thing I'm wondering about is the difference between a class and a struct that is inside extern "C" {}

will those have effectively the same memory footprint?

I'm guessing that instance.function() is roughly equivalent to function(&instance) as well.

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(I haven't verified this on godbolt or anything, just taking stack overflows word for it)

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Programmer admission 

I always thought classes had some runtime overhead (perf or memory) that wasn't present in structs. Turns out, if you don't use constructor, destructors, or virtual functions they are identical.

I've been using c and cpp and being paid for it for over a decade now.

@whoisgina did you check outside your windows? I was never expecting a horse to walk by my house, but...

@ranjit yeah, I didn't sell this hard enough - how about: parametric paper craft coffin in case you need to bury a cryptid.

parametric (type in the dimensions you need) box making templates:

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I spent some time last year learning Unity and making a mini-golf game. It uses my photos of a real boring English seaside course (since demolished) that I would play on as a kid. I got busy with other stuff and lost momentum but still want to get it finished. I might post any progress on here.

@dunkr oh wow, this is a great idea. its high tech photorealism!

@kbob the part where "you just need to do the work" is a good reminder. you gotta sit down and make time for it.

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Inspired by my recent Print Gocco teardown, I spent a few weeks adapting this 1970s DIY printmaking technique using modern and/or everyday materials.

My adventures in what I'm cheekily calling "mimeoprinting" can be found here:

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