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i am going to watch every nic cage movie and write a little thing about each one and then i am going to email those things out into the world because it seemed like a funny idea this morning

i know we all got too many emails but if you need some more you can get some here:

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For the last few years, I've been enthralled by the Sunsphere, a big golden spherical tower in Knoxville, Tennessee that is one of the last standing pieces of the 1982 World's Fair. I'm also super fascinated by the fact that Knoxville had a World's Fair and all the things that had to happen to make that a thing. I'm funneling all my weird Sunsphere energy into an occasional newsletter and I'm sending out the first one on New Years Day. Please join me, if you'd like.

often i have the dream of all of the old "planet of the apes" movies being about mummies instead of apes.

i giggle to myself every time i see the phrase "we have never been streamline moderne" in my notes

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tired: google™ search
wired: ouija boards

alright now let's give a big round of applause for RAYDON'S FAVORITE ASTER!!

[keep the christ in christmas voice] KEEP THE CYBERSEX IN CYBER MONDAY

i'm still trying to track down the history of the IATA perishable cargo label and this morning i found a beautiful 20+ year old website called "airline timetable images" that includes a section on early baggage labels for hundreds of airlines and there's just a ton of beautiful old graphic design there.

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is this anything 

dust jacket lifestyle slash self-help book in a books-a-million clearance cart starting to fade in the sun. vermillion cover with an artful photo off center. book title in a light yellow sans-serif but not quite helvetica. the title is "the microplastics diet"

invented a new dance move called "the marionette" where you pretend you're a marionette being controlled by a novice puppeteer. toes off the ground and pointing upward, weight on the back of the heels, legs mostly locked, shoulders rolled up and forward, palms up and elbows out and arms moving like they're being tugged from above at your hands. i am doing it in the mirror in a big silly sweater and laughing very very hard at myself makes you wait a week between creating an account and submitting a game for inclusion and i only just tonight created an account. can anyone in the wider fediverse who has an existing account submit everest pipkin's "The Barnacle Goose Experiment" as a game to be included so i don't have to wait a week to do so myself?

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gonna try to stream speedrunning @abundance 's "The Barnacle Goose Experiment" in like fifteen minutes on the old twitch dot television. my goal is <40:00

the shop where i was gonna rent time on the risographs kept bailing on me so i got color ink for my old all-in-one for the first time in 8 years (according to it) and printed a handful of these just to have a few

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[sam cooke voice] don't know much about bertolt brecht

for christmas i'm getting my parents bumper stickers that say "my sons showed great potential once"

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