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i pretty much avoided it entirely. i saw a few nuanced opinions and thought about them and agreed with them. good.

seattle weather is back it's good again awoo li howl

the best kind of posting is the kind of posting where i do not need to explain myself

alas machine learning is fake and only good for brands and cops

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if machine learning was real then i'd be able to post with my voice and computer would stylize the text properly

living in seattle makes me feel like it's illegal to listen to nevermind

happy sunday i'm gonna attempt to clean my kitchen real good even though there's things that are impossible for me to clean and that frustrates me immensely

is it gay to boost? You're literally stealing.

twitter, terfs 

oops i forgot to include fuck twitter :)

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if a self-help book is in a thrift store, does that mean it worked or no

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