IRS Form W-4 is changing. Starting in tax year 2021, employees are no longer required to claim a specific number of transmisogyny exemptions.

thinking about the future is hard. like, bitch, you couldn’t even get through yesterday

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i took a few okay photos last week. got bangs again.

debian 11 went into "transition freeze" this week, which like, me too, babe, for the last 9 months

you know that bot that logs when new words appear in the NY Times? i want that except for this inter-hyperlink space character.

when i get a crick in my back, that’s ! transpressnerves !

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_Wittgenstein Plays Chess With Marcel Duchamp, Or How Not To Do Philosophy_ (Amit Dutta, 2020)

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“quintessential”, “notorious”, “controversial”... just say you’re unbothered by onscreen rape and go

a thing about getting coffee via mail subscription is that sometimes you forget to adjust the schedule to account for holiday delays

just got an apple news advertisement for a mushroom identification app

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