(threateningly, with the intent to seduce you) let’s put a multiple-day-long gap in this conversation

“i am normal and can be trusted with human promiscuity”

tired: pair programming

wired: couple programming

“if paper letters were best suited for love, perhaps email does best with crushes. what you have before you is not the artifact of an affair, but of a seduction.” (one naturally considers extending this logic to posts and DMs…)

(to the cat, spiritually) oh, there’s another plane

you have to find other people who are and then surround empty space like you’re playing go

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unsurprisingly, almost no one else is masking at the airport

putting exactly one (1) movie on the laptop for Audrey

(to the cat) only piece that ever wins this game is the bird

i think the only conclusion to gptchat is that we are exceedingly predictable and redundant

bocchi the rock 

ah, "if i simply act really weird in front of my friends they'll realize how badly i'm doing and maybe try to hang out with me"

slotting this in the metaphorical folder for a retroactive trans reading of a popular film that i’ve been simmering for just over two years

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What people are failing to realize with masto is that Trust & Safety aka moderation is skilled work with the actual potential to negatively impact your mental health and just shouting "FEDERATION" at it doesn't change that, because content isn't a code issue it's a people issue. It's a roughly 25 year old field at this point and you can read rahaeli on Twitter writing about it, she was there at the beginning.

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