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Hi! I'm Stephen. I have over a decade of experience in criminal justice, civil legal aid, government service delivery, and the role of data/technology in all of that. I've done litigation, research, tech projects, and organizing. Always trying to get better at all of it.

I also sometimes make music, go on hikes, go birdwatching, and hang out with my cat. I think that's basically it!

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Wow, this is very interesting. Smalltown is a new fork of Mastodon specifically for civic communities looking to host their own social media. It is being developed at Ethan Zuckerman's lab at UMass Amherst.

(It's explicitly inspired by Hometown and very nicely links to my Patreon on their github, too.)

I'm going to be on a podcast talking about housing, tax abatements, and socialism!

internet discourse gripe 

I am absolutely not saying "cancel culture is real," BUT I do think many left people (especially on the internet) have not thought enough about how we reward people saying the right words / mentioning the right concepts but punish many actual conversation about reality

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i will not understand any technique, no matter how well explained, if i have not failed miserably on my own

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Two of the top qualities of a great coffee shop, restaurant, etc:
- close to me
- familiar

When people are milling around at the Dairy Queen and don't know when to roll out, the leader will hop on their bike and shout "ride bikes!" and then some people shout back and we all start rolling. It's great.

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I love that the rallying cry of the bike crew I sometimes ride with is just "Ride Bikes!"

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@Moss oh dang i don't wanna get too high on my brutalism soap box but one of my deepest held conspiracy theories is that the popular distrust in brutalism was a campaign orchestrated by the american right in the late 20th century because brutalist buildings are often public buildings (libraries, municipal buildings, public housing, et c.) as a way of undermining government investment in the public sphere

Pretty nice video about why people (for instance me) choose to make computer music without a computer

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literally profit incentivizing anything makes it actually worse thanks have a good day folks

Me when talking with people I organize with locally: "hell yeah comrades"
Me reading tweets about DSA / leftist stuff: "what the fuck are you talking about"

There is a page on the King in Yellow fan wiki for a one-off joke in a Homestar cartoon about "dripping yellow madness"

It sounds like I am making a joke, but this 100% true

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The original "I can't believe you've done this" guy has finally released the long-suppressed sequel

from the new Mountain Goats album 

"There was a chance we'd make it through this / It's safe to say now that we've missed it / And I won't ever lose hope, and I haven't lost hope / I'm just realistic"

Also join this evening at 7pm to rally outside the school board meeting

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Columbus: our city's teachers are on strike, and we’re picketing Pizzuti developers this week. Join Columbus DSA, Sunrise Columbus, and Columbus Communist Party USA on Wednesday at 5pm to call for an end to a developer-run city where the rich get handouts while our schools get sold out!

Nice sunset view while biking home from seeing my brother and my parents

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