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Hello! I'm Stephen. Here's a real :

I've been a lawyer for ~8 years. For 6 years I represented marginalized folks in Ohio's courts, mostly appeals. For the last 2 years I've worked in systems and data for public defenders. Now I live in NYC and work in the Bronx.

I work with , , process/systems improvement, , , , and where all of that intersects. Let me know if you want to talk about any of that! (Also into , , , my cat)

tiny pottery 

poverty, government action against those facing it 

Serious question: I think the suffix "Esq." for signature lines is generally insufferable, but a lot of people I interact with daily don't know I'm a lawyer, and it might help them understand my approach if they DID know that. I'm now thinking about using it, but the pretentiousness might outweigh the usefulness! What do you think?

To give you some idea how much I hate doing laundry, tonight I desperately needed to do laundry, and instead I cleaned the litter boxes, swept the apartment, and collapsed and took to the trash some boxes that have been tucked in a weird corner for months.

The goose is nature's punishment for the sin of enclosing the commons

Certainly the most surprising result of trying to purge my DVD collection is deciding to buy LOST season 6 so I can have the whole set.

I generally find that the "newspapers are old fashioned" joke is not very funny, but today I tried to cancel my New York Times crossword subscription, and apparently I have to CALL THEM ON THE PHONE to discuss it first.

Small acts of solidarity and kindness:
Wash plastic drink bottles, mostly refill them with drinking water, and, in warm weather freeze them or just keep them in the fridge. When you are expecting a delivery, have one by the door to give the delivery person, postal carrier, or other hard working folk.

When you're headed out to walk somewhere, take one and offer it to the first homeless or otherwise struggling person you meet.

💧 💙

“I was kind of a dumb kid, and this is going to sound kind of cheesy, but I wasn’t really able to find myself until I started working at the Dube. I started working with all these amazing, strong, empowered women, and they had the biggest impact on me.”

The cool weather makes me think about my favorite diner, my spot for almost a decade, closed down the same week I left Columbus just over a year ago.

"You either walk in and get that feeling of, ‘I’m really comfortable here,’ or you don’t... And the people who walk in and get that feeling keep coming back, and they stay forever.”

As a result of this I am also going to start stylizing NYCHA as N*Ycha from now on.

I have been so focused on the New York government and nonprofit scene the last year that I saw the letters "NSYNC" in a post and immediately started trying to figure out which city agency it was.

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