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Hi! I'm Stephen. I have over a decade of experience in criminal justice, civil legal aid, government service delivery, and the role of data/technology in all of that. I've done litigation, research, tech projects, and organizing. Always trying to get better at all of it.

I also sometimes make music, go on hikes, go birdwatching, and hang out with my cat. I think that's basically it!

1974, Joni Mitchell stops in the middle of performing "Both Sides Now" to talk about Star Trek:

"Did you ever used to watch that show called Star Trek? (cheers from crowd) Oh... I just had a flash of this show, that I saw while I was singing this tune. It was the only show where Dr. Spock ever got any emotion, right? You remember that one? It was really great because... " (, she goes on to talk about Spock and clouds, just amazing)

Sarraounia (1986) is an excellent film showing African resistance to colonization. It's the kind of film we need so much more of, one that makes a good attempt at being historically accurate, is moving to watch, and engages the present through the past

you can watch it here:

quote from the story 

"I realised he just wanted to understand what had happened to him, and more about how technology works. That’s the same kind of curiosity I had, that started this whole surrealist three-act drama. That… wasn’t really what I was expecting from Tony Abbott, but it’s what I found."

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Going through my follows and removing all those accounts I followed in 2018 who never came back to Mastodon haha

Not sure if I posted about it already, but I recently became obsessed with this Oblivion NPC dialogue YouTube channel, which is just edited clips from a series of English-language training videos made by a community college teacher. I have watched every one of these videos at least twice. Here is a good one:

Just watched a contestant whip through EVERY correct answer in a Dolly Parton category on Jeopardy and the other contestants clapped for her afterward. What a joy.

I have appeared on a podcast again 

Twice, actually. I would not presume people are interested, but if you are, here is the information:
This episode is about the weirdo B-movie "Trancers":
This episode is about an old western called "The Furies":

uspol - 

In a lot of ways, it's almost poetic that the summer of the uprising for Black lives has led to a world where even lots of WHITE people in America now have to acknowledge their government doesn't give a fuck about them.

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uspol - 

I have thought a lot about what it would mean to forgive the Trump supporters in my life, but that's going to be hard to do thinking about the permanent damage this is all going to do, the world it will leave behind for my nephews.

What's your favorite fake Christmas? Mine is Decemberween, but Festivus and Candlenights are competitors.

pol, David Graeber quote, carework 

"You ask any Marxist about labor and labor-value, they always immediately go to production. Well, here’s a cup. Somebody has to make the cup, it’s true. But we make a cup once, and we wash it ten thousand times, right? That labor just disappears in most of these accounts. Most work isn’t about producing things, it’s about keeping them the same, it’s about maintaining them, taking care of them, but also taking care of people, taking care of plants and animals."

militarization of the police charted by the evolution of Lego cop model

process, audio routing 

- Guitar goes through an EHX Pi fuzz into the "left" audio-in.
- Microkorg is doing some arps into the "right" audio-in.
- Both audio-in channels are then panned center, creating just two mono ins. Then I process both with chorus and delay to widen them again!

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Lot's going on, sorry if it's not interesting:
- No overdubs, all sequenced or played live.
- Trying to play in some more odd time signatures on Digitone.
- Lots of "trig-less" parameter locks on the ratios between the operators for the pad to make it jitter around.
- Put the tremolo bar on my guitar for the first time in forever.

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deep digitone lore 

Oh and actually if I map portamento to the mod wheel and play it that way, I can probably be expressive with the bend and still parameter lock it from a live performance. Hm. Something to experiment with.

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