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Hello! I'm Stephen. Here's a real :

I've been a lawyer for ~8 years. For 6 years I represented marginalized folks in Ohio's courts, mostly appeals. For the last 2 years I've worked in systems and data for public defenders. Now I live in NYC and work in the Bronx.

I work with , , process/systems improvement, , , , and where all of that intersects. Let me know if you want to talk about any of that! (Also into , , , my cat)

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I'm at the American Society of Criminology conference, and I just watched a woman lie that she was next in line to skip a ten minute wait for coffee. Who has takes on this for me?

San Francisco 

long flight 

Also I keep seeing people holding their phones in front of their faces and talking into them and narrating what they're doing, but it's hard to tell the difference between video chatters and Content Creators.

Living in Washington Heights and working in the Bronx for a year and a half has heightened my sense of how extremely white some places are, e.g. this airport in Charlotte, NC.

Why is what should be the Arabic phrase for "fruit flavored turkish delight" coming through Google translate as "fruit flavored larynx problem?"

Possibly the most classic-me thing ever: walking around on an overcast fall day listening to the "Halloween" movie soundtrack, but also trying to figure out how to bail on a Halloween party later this week because I don't actually love this holiday.

Has there ever been a replacement for Mastodon Bridge? I like to periodically check if any of my Twitter folks are making their way into the federated universe, but I haven't seen a good tool for doing this.

Do you have a musician (or musical piece or whatever) that you go a long time without listening to, but when you come back, you always think "oh right, this is my favorite music"? Mine is The Books.


I went to Michael's and got some stickers for some of my gear to make things easier AND prettier. I re-labeled the patch banks with numbers (more useful than the default text labels), put markers on the two most useful function keys, and put a bird on my looper.

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Sorry for the reddit link, but this video re: a baseball anime is too good not to watch like ten times.

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tiny pottery 

poverty, government action against those facing it 

Y'all are a LOT more helpful than Twitter, SURPRISE!

Serious question: I think the suffix "Esq." for signature lines is generally insufferable, but a lot of people I interact with daily don't know I'm a lawyer, and it might help them understand my approach if they DID know that. I'm now thinking about using it, but the pretentiousness might outweigh the usefulness! What do you think?

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