@tripofmice that’s fantastic! Can you tell me more about it?

@makingarecord it was a small critter, hopping around a parklet eating crumbs -- dark dark green I think? and it had yellow-gold patterns on its wings

@tripofmice that does sound great! Those colors and the size make me think some sort of warbler.

@makingarecord I think it might have been a european starling, based on a list of san francisco birds I found

@tripofmice starlings have huge variety in their plumage, and dark dark green actually does sound like a starling. Tho in my experience usually speckled, and slightly larger than warblers

@makingarecord yeah that checks out, and I think I recall the beak looking like what i saw on image search

@makingarecord I also see a lot of owls and red tailed hawks and ravens in my neighborhood

@makingarecord and there's hecka anna and allans hummingbirds if I walk the other direction

@tripofmice oh that’s great. I saw four red tailed hawks swooping on some sparrows as a team today. Pretty wild. What kinds of owls do you get?

@tripofmice really exciting and sounds geographically sensible. There was a great horned owl lurking in Central Park recently, first time I’d ever seen one.

@makingarecord speaking of central park, I left nyc before I found out how last year's Great Hawk Drama ended, after the original female was released back into the wild. Do you know what happened?

@tripofmice I lived in Ohio at the time I believe so I didn’t know anything about this holy shit! From what I can tell Christo was courting both Dora AND Nora relatively successfully soon after Dora’s return.

@tripofmice my god apparently he had a THIRD partner, Amelia. This is fascinating.

@tripofmice I’m reading a series of New York Post stories about it and it’s so good. ““We’re still sad,” said Goggin. “We miss Dora and Christo together. They were such a great pair and it’s just a very different relationship with Amelia.”” google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/20

@tripofmice ok final update: apparently Amelia and Christo are nesting again this year in Dora’s old nest this year. I’ll have to go visit! gogginphotography.com/2019/01/

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