I always forget how good orange soda is.

@makingarecord dammit now I want orange soda and pizza.

Tho my favorite thing to get with a nasty greasy pizza slice is that nasty red “fruit punch” that many slice joints sell for some reason

@makingarecord I had a little ritual in college where I would drink an orange soda after every session of my fencing class.

@theadamglass I enjoy two facts from this: that you had an orange soda ritual, and that you took a fencing class! I took a tennis class.

@makingarecord it was during the brief time I switched majors to get a degree in 18th Century Nobility.

@bnjnswhtblr @theadamglass Funny I studied tennis as part of my program on 19th century nobility!

@makingarecord i don’t think that is instructional in any way

@bnjnswhtblr You must download it and upload it as a photo, not link it.

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