I recently realized mine is blueberry.

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@makingarecord a good one!

Local pie shop makes a grapefruit custard pie that is amazing

@ranjit wow! What's it called? I might have occasion to be in that area at some point

@makingarecord Four and Twenty Blackbirds! They don't always have grapefruit pie but they'll always have something good.

Ah shit maybe i should go there this afternoon.

@ranjit I've been there! They had a lemon chess pie that was EXTREMELY good

@ranjit @makingarecord I had a really incredible grapefruit custard dessert last month, I was really blown away by how unexpectedly well it worked

@darius @makingarecord was it also an incredible psychedelic fluorescent pale pink color like the filling of this pie?

@ranjit @makingarecord no it was more of a white grapefruit color. very very very pale pink-yellow

@makingarecord !!! had first blueberry pie like last year. I feel like I'm partial to the sweet potato / pecan hybrid

@jim mmm I don't think I've ever had that hybrid but it sounds very good

@makingarecord I feel like I had that at Tupelo in Cambridge, with bourbon ice cream. It's a different pie paradigm for sure

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