A real leafy spot right outside of Concord, Mass

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@wayward it seemed real nice! Not sure what it would be like to live there if you're not rich and white tho, as it had... a vibe

@makingarecord Oof that sounds bad. By the way my mom talks about it, it was pretty small then, and they lived out in a remote part, but I’ve never been!

@wayward @makingarecord I miss visiting concord so much. it was at the end of the minuteman bike trail from cambridge/somerville, and I used to bike to walden pond pretty frequently when I lived in boston. so perfect in fall!

@christa @makingarecord that sounds so pleasant! My aunt told me last weekend that she took swimming lessons in Walden pond???? Growin up in small town Massachusetts things i guess hahaha

@wayward @christa saying I swam in Alum Creek growing up doesn't sound as impressive I guess (though I'm not convinced it's less beautiful! famous things are rarely the best things haha)

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