number twenty-seven: "it's still dormant... for now"

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Digitone only, again. Another one that is just a small segment of the over-an-hour I spent just zoning in and making sounds.

digitone is nice 

I can't stop thinking about how long it would take for me to get into this feeling using my old tools, and how much Digitone has inspired me so quickly. This is still mostly tweaked preset sounds!

digitone is nice 

I am thinking I want to use my weirdo "vacation" between when this job ends and my freelance work really kicks up to re-create some of my favorite Circuit stuff on Digitone and start sculpting those into full pieces.

@makingarecord spooooky! i've been letting it be my background music for a while now

@ranjit yesss. I've been trying to hone in on some intersection between ambient music and John Carpenter/Lovecraft soundtracks, and this one is happily in that vicinity.

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