I went to Michael's and got some stickers for some of my gear to make things easier AND prettier. I re-labeled the patch banks with numbers (more useful than the default text labels), put markers on the two most useful function keys, and put a bird on my looper.

poverty, government action against those facing it 

Certainly the most surprising result of trying to purge my DVD collection is deciding to buy LOST season 6 so I can have the whole set.

selfie, eye contact 

I guess only me and this egret decided to hang out in the rain today.

Very nice and chill playlist, Spotify, thank you. (Also includes Air, Trentemoller, Boards of Canada, Burial, Bjork)

I'm presenting at my first ever "academic conference" in November, and I am decidedly not an academic, but actually I think I wrote a pretty convincingly academic-sounding description for my talk!

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Day two of trying to learn Arabic: I now know approximately three letters, four vowels, and no words.

park shenanigans 

Got a sunburn and a workout legal observing at Trans Day of Action today. Also I saw how great it is when people who often feel unsafe get to feel safe, but also how hard it is out here for so many people. Seriously honored to be a legal observer at these kinds of events.

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