Update: found it! Now back home for job search / laundry activities. Good while it lasted.

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Some investigation narrows down what this movie might be, but honestly I do not remember seeing it.

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I found a cache of movie stubs from the mid-2000s. Highlights: my first real concert in 2001, "Spirited Away" in 2002, "Garden State" and "Napoleon Dynamite" in 2004, and weirdly seeing "Robots" in Times Square in 2005.

I have gathered
the staplers
that were in
the conference room

and which
you had probably
forgot about
for years

Forgive me
they were annoying
so disorganized
and so useless

I have been posting about this mainly in my Instagram story, but I've found some interesting stuff while sorting through old CDs and DVDs. Here are some samples!

I made this meme for Twitter about prosecutors complaining that they need funding to implement New York State bail reform laws. I hope you enjoy it.

I went to a restaurant tonight for dinner, and I did not anticipate they'd have a family-style, priced-per-person fixed menu for thanksgiving. I asked if it'd be a problem to have it for one, and they said "no problem at all!" Turns out they meant they'd just still bring me the family-style platters and box up the leftovers. So now I've got food for the whole weekend I guess!

I went to Michael's and got some stickers for some of my gear to make things easier AND prettier. I re-labeled the patch banks with numbers (more useful than the default text labels), put markers on the two most useful function keys, and put a bird on my looper.

poverty, government action against those facing it 

Today near our office in the Bronx, the city put up these big metal gates to close people out of these arches. Many people with no place to go used to take refuge there. The fact that they're doing this when it's about to get a lot colder is either a coincidence, or overt malice.

Certainly the most surprising result of trying to purge my DVD collection is deciding to buy LOST season 6 so I can have the whole set.

selfie, eye contact 

We made it, y'all. Sweater weather.

I guess only me and this egret decided to hang out in the rain today.

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