number twenty-three. This one doesn't have a title; it's more of an experiment. Wanted to make all of the sounds with just the Volca Keys and record it only with the Ditto looper, so it sounds rough, but I really enjoy making drum sounds with tools not designed to make them.

number twenty one: "catastrophe"

So named because it's all I could salvage from yesterday's Audacity crash (complete with unedited take of me noticing my cat was staring at me as I poked at my phone)

number twenty: "computers get older too"

(so named because my Macbook decided to hiccup and delete everything while I was doing today's loop in Audacity, so I had to quickly do this one as a backup in Garage Band)

Ok I didn't like how hollow this looptober sounded so I took another pass at "mastering" it. Now it sounds much more like what I hear in my head.

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number eighteen: "strolling"

Sharing video this time because I can't really figure out how to share the sound from my phone, plus I spent too long on trying to make this loop properly with the music.

I don't think I shared it here, but the reason I felt compelled to go in to the restaurant in person was that I got this note with my Grubhub order last week.

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