Mine is a Gary Fisher "Wingra" from around 2007, but with comfort upgrades to the seat and grips, added back rack, fenders, Raceface Ride pedals, lots of useful accessories. My favorites are the Ortlieb panniers, also yellow.

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Used Saphir Renovateur on my boots and I'm really happy with the results! Been using just silicone mink-oil paste for years, and while that probably adds more water resistance, it made my boots seem kinda gunky and weird. This stuff is silky smooth.

The sign said "scenic overlook and public restrooms." How could I resist? (Green Ridge Mountain, Maryland)


Some photos from my ride on the NCR trail in Maryland, 40ish miles on Wednesday

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Also I became a "local legend" on a stretch of Hudson on the way back, presumably because not many people are excited to bike along with the cars in this section

The power went out during our visit to the state library of Ohio, but that would never stop dedicated dorks like us

It just occurred to me some people might find it interesting that my grocery list / scratch paper pad is this

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Couldn't find good bike parking but I made it work.

Happy Cranksgiving! Hauling groceries for the Clintonville Community Resource Center

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This event did end up being the absolutely-nothing type of event I expected it to be. But it was nice to see some bike friends!

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bike event columbus ohio 

Tonight at Studio 35, the mayor is doing some sort of bikeways announcement. It's shaping up to be all fluff, but I (and some others) are going to be there to stir it up a little in favor of better bike infrastructure.

Columbus Politics 

I'm not sure where people got the idea that this bond issue was a good idea. I know the people I organize with were not fooled, and that helps me know I'm working with the right people.

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Columbus Politics 

When the mayor posted today that Bond Issue 14 money would be going to police, a lot of people reacted with surprise. That's a bummer because the text of the issue does say pretty clearly it's money for "Police and Fire Facility Improvements" and "Police Substations and Fire Stations."

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