Scrooged (1988) 

I do understand what people like about this, I just happen to not like it

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@kit no we definitely have not watched this. It looks rough! Things that are this bad and short generally only make the stream for holidays etc (e.g. the Elf Bowling movie,

@kit Maybe I am looking at the wrong Dinosaur Island actually haha

@kit I do not think so, but it is a Fred Olen Ray joint so I wouldn't bet against it. You should probably suggest it in the discord just in case!

The only downside of this Christmas movie challenge is that I have to watch "Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa," the "worst Christmas special of all time," for the second time in less than a year.

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) 

@courtney sure does haha, directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) 

@courtney It sort of has! But I'd enjoy an even more updated one I think

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) 

Pretty charming and fun, but it heavily relies on the "someone is keeping 12 plates spinning to perpetuate a lie" thing that extremely stresses me out

masto meta monday 

@darius @nicknicknicknick There are some e.g. nonprofits or whatever that I just wish had less clout but I also want to know what they're up to

masto meta monday 

@darius @nicknicknicknick that last thing haha. I sometimes want to know what someone (or usually something) is up to without giving them another number in their clout meter. I personally think the stalking-enabling thing is true though and that's enough for me personally to let this go, just a small thing I wish worked differently

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now ChatGPT seems really impressive and all but you have to remember that you can be tricked into thinking a rock has feelings by drawing a cute face on it

Arnold Schwarzenegger directed two things: an episode of "Tales from the Crypt" and a 1992 remake of "Christmas in Connecticut"

Love, Actually 

My hot take is that there are some very nice things in this movie, and if you cut it down to just the Alan Rickman / Emma Thompson story you end up with something actually excellent (plus it features a Mr. Bean)

@tinybird42O again just relaying what I've heard but my understanding is that they were trying not to escalate and instead wanted to just run their event as safely as they could

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@rodneylives The next release will have v4 parity. It is going to come at the earliest whenever the *next* Mastodon release happens, depending on what bugs and tweaks happen in that fix. If the new year comes around and they haven't addressed what I think are the major issues with v4 then I am likely to just fix them myself, which will unfortunately result in greater divergence from Mastodon and more work for me, forever

I never watched it growing up, so I have no nostalgia for it, it's just really adorable, and the music is of course perfect

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