Today, like many days, I am thinking a LOT about Jane McAlevey's distinction between "organizers" and "activists," the difference between building energy or anger and building power

Coming up at 11: Is Twitter getting worse? We asked thousands of strangers who are already mad at you for no reason

Been perusing the incorrect tintin Tumblr where the "captain, it's wednesday" meme comes from and found this gem

@casey masto doesn't let you like a post twice so I'm commenting instead: I like this still

Definitely get in touch if you do indigent-defense research or are interested in the subject. You can also get more regular updates on Twitter:

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I'm still Board Secretary for the Indigent Defense Research Association, and I thought people might appreciate this recording of our June call with Sarah Duhart Clarke titled "Indigent Injustice: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of People’s Criminal Justice-Related Outcomes." Check it out here:

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@erinbee thanks! I am from the Midwest so I am obligated to tell you that it was 50% off haha

ok i'll do a morbius joke 

@casey excellent work

@casey there's a line in this that's like "how lucky to hear my grandma's voice," and one of the comments says "I'm crying 😒 my grandmother sang it when I was little... it brings me so much nostalgia for those times when we were happy and we didn't know it"


The onion sambal is the star here, followed closely by the deer I saw grazing in the rain next to the bike path

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A nice rainy ride to a Cape Malay South African food truck then to the park

@theadamglass or some sort of artistic pinterest standalone sheet-metal-in-a-frame contraption?

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This article about making more sustainable clothing choices points out that by wearing a garment twice as many times as the average before discarding it, the environmental impact is lessened by 49%.

It goes on to say that it's hard to get numbers on what average is, but one survey estimates clothes get worn seven times. Looking at all the factors, I understand it. But thinking about how little 14 wears is, 7 hammers home the frantic pace of it all.

@casey i feel like i can tell the difference in your post

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