novice bike stuff, covid-adjacent 

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@nzle the "no face touching rule" has basically stopped my nail-biting, despite the stress, and I am having the same feeling!

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I opened absolutely every window in my apartment today. It makes me feel slightly less cooped up.

weird programming thing that happens for some reason 

@anna nonprofit and government seem to all be on freezes in the kind of work I do (systems analysis, data, process consulting, and even in the substantive lawyer jobs).

About two weeks from now I'm co-presenting a webinar on strategies for training people to use remote-work tech/systems. It's hosted by the NY Courts Permanent Commission on Access to Justice.

If you're in NY and work in civil legal aid, here's more info:

@nicknicknicknick I have met this hamburger sheep and can confirm they are very sweet

covid offer 

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covid offer 

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I have a question which requires an qualified expert answer. If you are not a lawyer or judge who currently works with cases around Section 8 Housing, do not reply!


Many communities are organizing rent strikes.

Should those in Section 8 participate?

(Again, do not answer if you are not qualified: just boost it!)

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Being an EMT in a Pandemic 

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@darius Right, the way it's set up implies "I'm from Missouri" means the opposite of "the buck stops here." I might start using it that way.

Weird fact I just learned: Harry Truman famously had a sign that says "The Buck Stops Here" on his desk. The reverse side just said "I'm From Missouri."

@Wiley I have found it generally nice! Certainly strange in a satisfying way.

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