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@whoisgina @christa I support everyone on their individual journey, but just for my specific brain and its specific idiosyncrasies, it cannot be both haha

I am not one of those "tons of open tabs" people. Instead I am one of those "an endless list of things I'm never going to read in Pocket" kinds of people.

I started watching "Moesha," and I can't stop thinking about how it was like number 140 in TV ratings while Brandy was at the top of the Billboard charts for THIRTEEN WEEKS. "Becker" was in the top 15. "Moesha" is definitely a lot better than fucking "Becker," and it's not close.

is this homoerotic or just oldfashioned? 

@Moss @cara This is absolutely the model I generally use. People are too complex for me to reach any real level of comfort that I "know" them, so I think about what I DO know and can rely on, and I make decisions based on that. But as a result, as I get to know people, the genres of things I trust them for narrows, and I have very few friends that I trust with my "authentic self" (i.e. the self I perform with the least effort).

MIDI woes 

@clinkingdog hell yeah! Let me know how it turns out. Circuit's midi implementation will always always be quirky, no matter how many firmware updates they do

@darius I've benefited from some of his SP-404 tutorials as well! He's great!

@whoisgina extremely relatable, except that this would imply more fruits and nuts, and less beans and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I just finished my second apple today and I'm already thinking I might like a third one. (The simplest explanation is that my locked-in eating has been pretty bad in general, so my body is like "fresh fruit!! please keep it coming!")

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@tripofmice I thought this said "I refuse to Macarena," as if this plant somehow signified that you had to dance through that door or something

I believe that apples are the most perfect food on the planet.

@kit @ranjit Me too! These were the hottest shit when they came out, and there were not very many of them. It is so goddamn weird also to think that this video is from approximately 13 years ago haha

@ranjit Haha that was me in 2007ish, when 360p was considered acceptable somehow! Another old standby:

new twitter feature, +? 

@darius I really like this optimistic take, and also it seems like just another in a line of features to help people maximize their monetization on the platform. Doesn't mean it can't have a good effect though!

When I saw San Fermin live long ago, I became briefly obsessed with them, and this Blogotheque performance (Blogotheque being another thing I was briefly obsessed with) is absolutely stunning.

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