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These schematics are from a Dutch book called "Theoretisch en practisch molenboek" or "Theoretical and practical mill book", which is the most Dutch title ever

Basically, building plans for a typical industrial windmill, published in 1850. It's definitely worth a look

Multiple fediverse account question 

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This drawing by Barre Funnell shows how the rear small windmill is attached to the back of the main housing. It's used to orient just the top bit holding the main blades toward the wind

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This sketch by David Wray showing the schematic of a "post" type windmill shows how far the design has come

Nowadays, when you see a wheel to the rear of the main blades, that's to orient the top section. Back in the day, they would move the *whole thing* toward the wind. Imagine rotating a small house balanced on a pole

That's also why there's the third wheel by the stairs

Oops I was listening to "Heptapod B" from the Arrival soundtrack with my eyes closed on the bus to Baltimore and accidentally ascended to a higher plane.

I gave some of the leftovers to a homeless man on the way home and he said "oh great, the mac and cheese from that place slaps!"

I went to a restaurant tonight for dinner, and I did not anticipate they'd have a family-style, priced-per-person fixed menu for thanksgiving. I asked if it'd be a problem to have it for one, and they said "no problem at all!" Turns out they meant they'd just still bring me the family-style platters and box up the leftovers. So now I've got food for the whole weekend I guess!

@rpcutts Heck yeah! Hanson's 2010 album "Shout It Out" is super underrated!

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A very good article about Uber: "Uber’s most important innovation has been to produce staggering levels of private wealth without creating any sustainable benefits for consumers, workers, the cities they serve, or anyone else."

Artists I love but everyone else seems to hate 

@rpcutts Do you have any examples of artists YOU love that others seem to hate?

Artists I love but everyone else seems to hate 

Artists I love but everyone else seems to hate 

Not surprised by these results! It's also what I would have voted for.

Which one should I post:
A: Artists (musicians/filmmakers/etc) I love but everyone else seems to hate.
B: Artists (musicians/filmmakers/etc) I hate but everyone else seems to love.

I've scheduled a vacation for next month, and all I'm going to do is play Minecraft, go on hikes, and poke around on my SP-404. I cannot wait.

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@courtney @tripofmice I agree with all of this advice! I've also started saying at the beginning of every meeting "the two goals of this meeting are..." and then being really insistent in reminding people "that's a great point, and we should mark it for next time. Our goal here is..." Plus setting the goals ahead helps determine if you really need a meeting in the first place!

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