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notes on a panel discussion re: algorithms in criminal justice 

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The only real benefit to going to a meeting downtown is that I can find a real diner down here.

I started an entirely new Facebook account using an old email address (sometimes I have to look at Facebook stuff for work / life), and it IMMEDIATELY had lots of friend suggestions for me. They were really accurate and included people I knew 20 years ago AND people I met within the last few months. I am very curious how that works.

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Twitter screenshot, elections 

‪The Fyre Festival case would actually make a really good torts/contracts question for a bar exam.‬

I’ve been awol because I’ve been teaching this week at a national appellate defender training, but this is the best slide I’ve seen. It’s about peer-editing pilot programs.

This is absolutely typical Lucky behavior when I’m trying to pack for a trip.

Oh also episode one didn’t have opening credits, but episode two does, and these credits rule very hard.

I just watched my first ever episode of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” and I can’t even express how elated I was when it ended and it did the “to be continued...” / Yes’s “Roundabout” thing from the meme. That’s where it’s from!!

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who called it the fundamental frequency and not The Mighty Mighty Bosstone?

Most years I don’t realize it happened until it’s over so I intend to maximize my enjoyment this year.

It’s AGDQ time! I really love watching AGDQ streams.

Saw a great horned owl for the first time ever today, and also this guy!

universal human experience, I think 

The Audubon exhibit is my favorite thing at this museum. My second favorite is that they use “New-York” in their name as a hyphenated compound adjective. They take this so seriously that their acronym is “N-YHS.”

The New-York Historical Society has a huge collection of Audubon prints, and each month they pick a different bird to do an exhibit on. This month is the prairie warbler.

selfie, eye contact, inclement hiking 

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