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I feel like our fearless leader @darius deserves better than this but it's the best I could do

@casey kinda like this one but not sure I could get the name any closer

A fun game someone on Twitter invented: try to reconstruct your name as best you can using the Pokémon fusion generator ( Wasn't satisfied with my first name so I tried both names!

watching the newest Halloween movie 

I've already witnessed one "that's never happened before," and I've only been watching for a half hour.

health, but not actual health trouble 

This actually also happened maybe a year ago, when Square gave merchants the ability to send email blasts to all people who purchased things from them, and I was added to a bunch at once based on years of Square purchases.

I have recently started receiving DAILY emails from services I used/signed up for years ago. The only explanation I can think of is that they've all just now coincidentally bought (or coincidentally added me to) their email marketing tools. Anyone else having this experience?

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And on the pedestal, these words appear:

Not sure how I stumbled on this letter from the editor of a student newspaper, but it's so great. A coach said the paper shouldn't exclusively cover games the team loses, and the editor basically responded "we'd have to see the team WIN a game to cover it."

"The nonprofit establishment or non-profit industrial complex (NPIC) also seeks out 'sexy' or 'fundable' issues to co-opt and exploit as these are ripe for the grant funding that they covet."

"Had a loss of comparable magnitude to the Universal fire occurred at a different cultural institution — say, the Metropolitan Museum of Art — there might have been wider awareness of the event, perhaps some form of accountability."

I am too midwestern to function and incredibly socially awkward, so grain of salt, but: I think it's slightly rude when someone says "how are you?" and I say "good, how about you?" and they don't respond.

‪What is a song that is in your all-time-favorite-songs pantheon but seems like nobody else ever talks about it?‬

‪Here’s one for me: Air France - “Collapsing at Your Doorstep”‬

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Oh man. Overhearing a young guy at the library telling his mom that he bought an Xbox One and then had to get rid of it because he doesn't have internet and most of the features on it require an internet connection. This really resonates with recent estimates that 49% of America doesn't have broadband, and Diana Nucera's talk at talking about how a huge percentage of Detroit's population has NO internet, not even mobile access

The guy took his Xbox to the pawn shop the next day :(

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