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Do people ever sing your name? And if so, what song do they sing?

This has been very informative, thank you.

Re: Bathrooms with motion sensors AND switches: when I leave, I always...

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This is as close as I get to watching sports. I even yell at the tv like a real sports guy.

Also, I recorded this video the third time I watched this clip, and as you can hear, it still makes me laugh every time.

Me a half hour ago: "How odd, a video about marbles."
Me now: "Wow Hazers had two finishers in the balancing event! That's two balancing world records back to back! Too bad about that Balls of Chaos false start though."

I made this meme for Twitter about prosecutors complaining that they need funding to implement New York State bail reform laws. I hope you enjoy it.

"In the 2018 qualifiers, Team Primary narrowly defeated Balls of Chaos in the semifinals. This angered Balls of Chaos fans, who tried to storm the track. One got on the track and had to be subdued by four security marbles. Four Balls of Chaos fans tried to attack International Marble Committee officers and were subdued by security marbles." (Yes the fans were all marbles)

Ok some highlights from the Wikipedia article about the man who created this: "He received the Guinness World Record for the world's longest marble run on May 21, 2009."
"In late 2018, Bakker accidentally deleted his original channel while trying to delete his Google+ account and was forced to relaunch."

There are black and white striped marbles arrayed around the course as "referees." Why does this exist.

YouTube has recommended this two-hour video to me of what seems to be marbles rolling on pre-built courses but narrated as if they were actual Olympic events, complete with overdubbed crowd sounds and bleachers filled with marbles "holding signs" in support of the marble "competitors." I do not know what this is. Also I am watching it.

incredibly typical speedrun tech commentary 

Hello just a reminder for like-minded folks that AGDQ is happening this week!

I have been sick for a week and a half and totally disconnected; so proud of this triumphant return to form haha

Weird that the two most famous Commodores are Perry and 64.

Some people do not understand that their version of fun can be anxiety inducing in other people.

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