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Mercaptan less so: these compounds are good at capturing mercury. Mercaptans.

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Thiol is such a great word!

A thiol is basically an alcohol, but instead of an -OH group, they have a -SH group. That's where the "ol" part comes from.

The "thi-" part comes from "theion," the Greek word for sulfur. It's also an ancient word for divine fire, e.g. the "fire" part of "fire and brimstone." Very interested in this sulfur / bad smell / satan cloud of meanings around all of it.

Time to reset the counter:



This video of a man modifying his prosthetic arm to turn his own brain into a CV output for his modular synthesizer system is... just a LOT.

Update: found it! Now back home for job search / laundry activities. Good while it lasted.

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‪It's not even a supremely interesting story, I just was gonna stay home and do laundry but then I saw a photo of a waffle and decided I wanted a waffle, so I went to the diner, and now that I'm out anyway I'm going to the park for a bit to look for a geocache.‬

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The trajectory of my whole day is determined by a photo of a waffle I saw on the internet when I first woke up.

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Some investigation narrows down what this movie might be, but honestly I do not remember seeing it.

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I found a cache of movie stubs from the mid-2000s. Highlights: my first real concert in 2001, "Spirited Away" in 2002, "Garden State" and "Napoleon Dynamite" in 2004, and weirdly seeing "Robots" in Times Square in 2005.

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If you haven't read Tom Scharpling's "Grown Ups 3" script, I highly recommend it.

I have gathered
the staplers
that were in
the conference room

and which
you had probably
forgot about
for years

Forgive me
they were annoying
so disorganized
and so useless

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I have been posting about this mainly in my Instagram story, but I've found some interesting stuff while sorting through old CDs and DVDs. Here are some samples!

The part in "Sloop John B" where he says "this is the worst trip I've ever been on" is hilarious. It's like the ending of a "how I spent my summer vacation" essay.

A good way to practice being humble in service is to buy donuts, put them on a communal table near your desk at work, and then don't tell anybody you're the one who got them.

One thing that really really might help is abolishing capitalism (or at least eroding it as much as we can get away with).

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with the big piece on law enforcement's use of facial recognition in the New York Times, I was just reminded of the conversation I had a few weeks ago with Tawana Petty of the Detroit Community Technology Project, who has been organizing in Detroit against facial recognition being used against its people, and why the fight for regulation must happen at the highest level possible.

it'll appear in Logic's next issue (Security) but I can share a few things now:

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