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I am sure there are other Matt Farley fans on here, so I thought I'd share a non-joke song of his that I find really really endearing, called "I've Never Left my Hometown."

I have a non-functional Super Nintendo. I am considering three options:
- Sell as-is, for parts, but seems like it's not worth much.
- Try to fix it, could be fun! But also might not be worth the effort.
- Take our all components and start experimenting! House my DIY buzz-drone-synth project, take controllers apart, etc. But then it's not a Super Nintendo anymore.

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Are your kids texting about texting?

SMS - short message service
GSM - global system for mobiles
CDMA - code division multiple access
TMDA - time division multiple access
SIM - subscriber identity module
GPRS - general packet radio service
BTS - base transceiver station

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Respond to this with good *small* instances that you'd recommend to people who want to join Mastodon! Like, [50, 500] people, I guess!

Boosts appreciated!

Applying to jobs means I'm getting really good at carefully poring over and formatting my resume, only to enter the same info again on a second screen.

"You'll notice yourself smiling with delight over things you once paid no attention to."

Nature Magazine and their website use a custom font called Harding, and it's really nice!

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!!Con is a fantastic conference about how computer programming is joyful and strange—their call for talks and talk-like things is open!

(the conference is in NYC but they cover travel expenses for speakers)

Mercaptan less so: these compounds are good at capturing mercury. Mercaptans.

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Thiol is such a great word!

A thiol is basically an alcohol, but instead of an -OH group, they have a -SH group. That's where the "ol" part comes from.

The "thi-" part comes from "theion," the Greek word for sulfur. It's also an ancient word for divine fire, e.g. the "fire" part of "fire and brimstone." Very interested in this sulfur / bad smell / satan cloud of meanings around all of it.

Time to reset the counter:



As long as shitloads of Americans think of themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires, Bloomberg making fun of Trump for his golf game and steak preferences will probably WORK.

This video of a man modifying his prosthetic arm to turn his own brain into a CV output for his modular synthesizer system is... just a LOT.

Update: found it! Now back home for job search / laundry activities. Good while it lasted.

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‪It's not even a supremely interesting story, I just was gonna stay home and do laundry but then I saw a photo of a waffle and decided I wanted a waffle, so I went to the diner, and now that I'm out anyway I'm going to the park for a bit to look for a geocache.‬

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The trajectory of my whole day is determined by a photo of a waffle I saw on the internet when I first woke up.

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Some investigation narrows down what this movie might be, but honestly I do not remember seeing it.

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I found a cache of movie stubs from the mid-2000s. Highlights: my first real concert in 2001, "Spirited Away" in 2002, "Garden State" and "Napoleon Dynamite" in 2004, and weirdly seeing "Robots" in Times Square in 2005.

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