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For those curious: A sample from a recent rainstorm; Yamaha P50-M, played with the Keystep, processed and looped on the SP-404; plus a touch of Stratocaster through the Zoom MS-70CDR. Had to do the swells with my guitar's volume knob since I didn't want to rig up the volume pedal.

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Every time I have a Microkorg-related question or idea, I ALWAYS end up at Daniel Kastner.

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TIL Raul Julia played Dracula on Broadway in the 70s, and Edward Gorey designed the sets.

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I made this in ten minutes while testing my setup and decided I probably can't do any better today!

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number seven: "wednesday"

Bit of a slop! Made with just my voice and the TC Helicon Perform VE. (Caution: swears)

number 6: "we have been lied to."

Microkorg through a looper pedal, and a sample from YouTube fed back through the Microkorg vocoder.

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number five: "jellyfish are people too."

Microkorg for all sounds and SP-404 for processing and loops. Very pleased with how this minimal-setup soundscape turned out.

Hi! I'm Stephen. I have over a decade of experience in criminal justice, civil legal aid, government service delivery, and the role of data/technology in all of that. I've done litigation, research, tech projects, and organizing. Always trying to get better at all of it.

I also sometimes make music, go on hikes, go birdwatching, and hang out with my cat. I think that's basically it!

Oh yes this is what my 404 looks like. I usually take video when I record, but I am probably going to stop, since using gifs/other random videos is more fun.

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number four: "solenoid." A bit of a slop, but fun to make. Using SP-404A, and samples from:
- "Make your own kick drum from a suitcase"
- Something I made a year ago on Circuit and with a tape recorder and some other bits.
- A clip from Julius Sumner Miller's physics lectures.

In case anyone is curious:
- Circuit for the synth loop and pad, plus some quiet drums.
- Drumbrute Impact processed with some effects for the rest of the drums.
- Microkorg for the drone.

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number 3: it's called "death by sabotage" because I started making it after our whole Among Us crew died from oxygen deprivation.

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I am not one of those "tons of open tabs" people. Instead I am one of those "an endless list of things I'm never going to read in Pocket" kinds of people.

I started watching "Moesha," and I can't stop thinking about how it was like number 140 in TV ratings while Brandy was at the top of the Billboard charts for THIRTEEN WEEKS. "Becker" was in the top 15. "Moesha" is definitely a lot better than fucking "Becker," and it's not close.

I just finished my second apple today and I'm already thinking I might like a third one. (The simplest explanation is that my locked-in eating has been pretty bad in general, so my body is like "fresh fruit!! please keep it coming!")

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