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Been perusing the incorrect tintin Tumblr where the "captain, it's wednesday" meme comes from and found this gem

Definitely get in touch if you do indigent-defense research or are interested in the subject. You can also get more regular updates on Twitter:

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I'm still Board Secretary for the Indigent Defense Research Association, and I thought people might appreciate this recording of our June call with Sarah Duhart Clarke titled "Indigent Injustice: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of People’s Criminal Justice-Related Outcomes." Check it out here:

food non-veg, bike 

A nice rainy ride to a Cape Malay South African food truck then to the park


Phew. Two days, 90 miles. It was a real challenge but an incredible ride. (Thanks to @theadamglass for inviting me to join for part of his trip)


Just arrived after our 43 mile ride at our Airbnb. I kept saying "I feel like this whole ride is uphill," and now I feel vindicated. Ready for a mostly-downhill ride back tomorrow! (Pictures are a view from the Airbnb and the elevation chart of the ride)

Columbus Ohio Event 

Our Columbus DSA Housing Campaign is hosting a discussion of a chapter of "Boomtown Columbus" about how housing development etc. actually works in Columbus. Register:

bike, alc mention 

I went out for a dusk bike ride in Rochester tonight, just following the river trail, and I rode onto a pedestrian bridge to look at the waterfall. There was a local ride group there hanging out, and they gave me a beer (brewed actual feet away at Genessee Brewery) and told me about Rochester history. I joined the ride to their next stop at a skate park then headed back to my hotel.

I'm presenting in the next block, starting at noon! My topic: "Lessons Learned from Convening a System-Impacted Advisory Board for a Research Project"


In case anyone over here is interested in indigent defense and criminal justice research: the Indigent Defense Research Association is holding our Spring Conference this month!
(register here:


Welcome to Ohio, where we don't know where we live or what we're voting on

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