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Switched to Brave for a bit. Seems fast, and much improved since the last time I tried it I think

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twitter, downdetector 

Your daily reminder that downdetector basically just searches twitter for the phrase "[service] down." It will not be useful in a time when everyone is on Twitter saying "Twitter is going down lol"


Also interested in any currently-running / current season things, it's been exciting to get into this new Gundam series while it's actually airing

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What are your must-watch anime?

bad zeta gundam joke 

thy kingdom come, kamille bidan

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Social media followings have always been a cheat code. And eventually cheat codes stop working.

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New hbomberguy video is about the Roblox oof sound, is two hours long, and has a "40% of police" joke in the first five minutes, incredible

It just occurred to me some people might find it interesting that my grocery list / scratch paper pad is this


This dairy-free smoked cheddar dip is real good! Apparently it's mostly cashews!

NOW That's What I Call The Same Six Royalty-Free Songs You Hear In Every YouTube Video

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“Libs of TikTok and that subset of people [who follow the account], they don’t see you as human anymore if you’ve done anything they consider deviant or outside the norm. If you’re a queer person or a sex worker, you lose all of your humanity, you lose all of your rights. And I was a good soft target for them."

Went to the gundam store to buy a gundam and the man running it was writing down the date and said "just two days until the anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"

My scorching hot meta / cw take 

Do whatever you want! I'll just unfollow you if I don't like it, block you if I REALLY don't like it, and ask my admin to do something if I think it's actually harmful. If you're not on my local instance or if I don't know you personally, respectfully, you're not who I'm here to see.

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meta cw discourse 

while individual instances might have explicit moderation policies related to CWs, the fedi-wide consensus has always been:

* CW the stuff you think should be CWed
* don't expect strangers to respond well to demands (including about CW topics)
* but actually think about CWs systematically
* and know that if you don't CW certain topics, the people who want those topics CW'd won't follow you (and might even mute or block you)

client-side filters for generating CWs (coming in masto 4, already part of clients like fern for years) resolve the tension between stuff you don't want to CW when posting about & stuff that you want CW'd when it shows up on your TL, and i hope more clients & instances begin to support it

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