Queer Eye but it's five poets manipuling language

*slaps roof of the roof* this bad boy can fit so many old frisbees in it

*slaps roof of a backpack* this bad boy can fit so many camping supplies in it

*slaps roof of the suburbs* this bad boy can fit so many large food stores in it

shenanigans levels are 66% and falling

(66%) ■■■■■■□□□□

"Have you ever called a technician to fix a pencil?" "Have you ever gotten into a road accident because your car failed to download a font?" That sort of thing.

Anyway this shoe thing has me thinking about that. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/2/20/18233157/nike-adapt-bb-android-app-update-software-break

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Back in the early 90s, AT&T had this ad campaign about the coming wonders of internet technology, with the tagline "You Will": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PJcABbtvtA
"Have you ever sent a fax... from the beach? You Will." etc. A lot of what these ads predicted is now commonplace.

Some tech-minded friends of mine liked to reply with their own less-positive "You Will" scenarios.

If I'm typing a bunch of unix command line stuff trying to figure out the right solution, and I eventually DO figure out the solution, one thing I do when possible is re-run the command with a comment like

$ doing-the-thing.sh # This is the one that actually works

So when I inevitably search my shell command history later, I have nice little notes

*slaps roof of a coven* this bad boy can fit so many witches in it

programming shenanigans (reversing strings) 

@jleedev alright, thanks for explaining! that does seem less morally wrong, and more straightforward, than the sleeping solution.

how comfortable
and crunching…
mountain persimmons

*slaps roof of heaven* this bad boy can fit so many spirits in it

*slaps roof of Quebec* this bad boy can fit so many Quebecs in it

*slaps roof of an apartment* this bad boy can fit so many ficuses in it

tired: csv
wired: tsv
inspired: 👏sv

I contributed to this ridiculous, 84-author tribute to Anchorhead and I’d love if folks gave it a try: rcveeder.net/cragne/

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