I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive:

@mewo2 I got 15/20 - reasonably pleased with that.

I enjoyed "WHY AM I STILL DOING THIS" a lot XD

@clinkingdog @mewo2 for me the answer was "because i want to do at least as good as chance"

@mewo2 This is great. What is the data source for these prices?

@xuv Oh yeah, it is. I scraped offline and put a list of 30k or so domains in there as a static file.

@mewo2 @whoisgina
earthearth . com
is going for $99,999
the first one wasn't worth it

could you move the bottom text down a little bit please? im playing on my phone and sometimes cant hit the continue/more/try again button bc its blocked by the text

@mewo2 please don't buy any of these domains, they're all terrible and you'd be supporting asshole domain squatters


@mewo2 I’ve never understood what glitch is for but now I see the light

@mewo2 @rixx that’s interesting. Statistically you should be at 50% if doing random selections, i always come out at 75% wrong answers... seems i don’t really get it 😀

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