Found a bug I was SURE I had already fixed so went through my git log to find it, and the only thing I had committed under the description of the bug fix was changing the word "hundreds" to "lots" in an unrelated piece of code. Good job, me.

I keep seeing viewpart. How do u graphic design

Extremely out of my comfort zone trying to make a passable logo for "Viewport Games". I didn't want to waste the time of artists I'm working with on something pretty unimportant. This is what I came up with

Related, I saw a vacuum on the street with the note “Free! Sucks a bit” which is a perfect double entendre

What’s the best brand of vacuum? Long lasting, powerful suck, good on carpet and wood

4.5 hours of continuous CBS/Walter Cronkite coverage of Apollo 11

If you turned off boosts, I just boosted something about a housing shortage in MMO FFXIV and the irony of a fantasy too closely reflecting reality. But Ultima Online had the first housing crisis AND it was possible to break in and loot them and steal the keys/home from other players. I miss that game constantly.

weird body twitch ~ 

Uhm I'm starting to have doubts I've ever heard "patreon" out loud. I've been going with pay-tree-on but it makes more sense to be a homonym of "patron"??

I guess I was unfortunate to have NO idea what it was about when I saw it. I remember seeing Trinity's moves in the first scene and being like "wtf is this movie!?"

I thought the premise of The Matrix was a closely guarded secret until its release, but I just watched the trailer and it spoils bullet time and even Neo being able to stop bullets at the end.

I bought my first Hawaiian shirt for a themed birthday party, tried it on (open with white tee under), and am now worried I look so good in it I’m going back to become a Hawaiian shirt guy

Judd Apatow and Paul Feig were teens/young adults in the 80s, and Freaks & Geeks is a timeless brilliance that Stranger Things will never have.

Yearly reminder that The Duffer Brothers are my age and don't even have any memories of the 80s. Stranger Things would have been better set in the 90s with Magic the Gathering instead of D&D

I hope everyone on the west coast has an emergency kit

I can assure you my solution will be approximately 800,000 times simpler than this. "Applied Matrix Maths for Complex Locomotion Scenarios" hahahah hard pass, thanks

trying to get my characters to sit on a bench correctly and thinking about this Planet Coaster devlog. They *counter-animated* the character for an origin that was moving and rotating. This gif is the output that will look correct in game

cyclist death 

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