Anyone want to take this Agent Based Modeling course with me to keep me honest with coursework?

Maybe if climate change caused skin cancer we would have fixed it earlier. Probably not though.

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I shouldn’t make fun of someone learning something new, but absolutely losing my shit over this educated privileged white guy on twitter making a thread about finding out global warming has nothing to do with the ozone layer and explaining it like everyone else had the same delusion. Or maybe I’m wrong and this is a common misconception?

Maybe remote team working with webcams on all day in a "virtual office" is a terrible idea actually.

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I doubt it's funding, because they got pretty much exactly $1m from the CMF. I need the game dev gossip

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Man, I'm so curious about what happened at Sonderlust to have 3 of 6 people somewhat suddenly leave.

New film star crush whose work I’ll be following closely is Ana de Armas (Knives Out lead). She’s going to be in Bond (with all her scenes written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) and then play Marilyn Monroe in the movie based on Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates. A Cuban actress as Marilyn, gonna be amazing

NASA themed terminal keyboard. Unfortunately typing too loud for me to use in good conscience at my co-working space for now...

(well, also impossible because my landlord won’t allow pets. Why? Because ALAB)

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Having spent some time with my mom’s puppy (9 months old) I think I was a little optimistic about my plan to get one and train it perfectly. And impossible now that I don’t really work from home anymore

The saddest part is I'm disappointed I couldn't find a better quality christmas special. My video game completionist qualities are perverse in real life

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I got an NAS media server and went a bit overboard with completing some film collections. I now have both ewok movies and the Star War Christmas Special


Finally got rid of my credit card debt (it was...a lot). That Big Bank personal account can now be closed and with everything done through my credit union

Nobody told me there was a Schitt’;s Creek Holiday Special that aired last year??

Who else is going to binge season 4 of The Expanse with me

just when you think he can't get any cuter they play hide and seek

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Next episode has a guest star alien who needs no introduction—Ray Wise!

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I immediately recognized this guy from his voice as an alien in heavy makeup in Voyager. But looking at his past work, the only reason I really know him must be from watching Prison Break 14 years ago. He was in a couple of single episodes of things I’ve seen since then but damn, what a distinctive voice

What do people think about Jack trying to re-invent activity pub? Or is this something else?

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