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*taps small microphone*
~ IPAs aren't that good
~ fair trade is more important than organic
~ vegetables are better than meat

how does anyone think about anything?
how do they know where to start?
how do they trust themselves in any of it?

i only say this because i'm disappointed that afaict the internet still isn't providing a proper recipe for grumblecakes.

where the water tastes like wine
to the tune of
let the bodies hit the floor.


i'm eating all the leftovers from the (third) launch party with wild abandon and i know i should be sharing it but they call me the finisher and *somebody* needs to right the wrongs in this world.


sure, eating a full jar of green curry paste is fantastic, but have you tried sex?

every video game has hair and coins, if it doesn't have hair and coins it's not a viddo game, sorry bucko thems the rules.

remember if you sleep within 25 kilometres of a cell phone, you're exposing yourself to needless radiation, your best bet is to mail your phone to yourself by express registered mail every night to get it as far away as possible during the spider-eating hours.

i keep wanting to like firefox/ thunderbird/ lightning but then people say i have to hate firefox/ thunderbird/ lightning and like where does that leave me.

jon stewart's "have you done [X]... on weed" guy but he just asks if you've federated all your apps yet.

note the office dynamics here: the woman's suggestion is 'splained away but her male colleague takes note and uses his status to promote her idea and send it back to her, that's positive privilege in the workplace imho.


several protected searches for "boner simpson"

the elder scrolls: oblivion only everything's been scaled by (1.1, 1.0, 1.0)

i keep waffling between vs code and vs community why do they do this anakin you're breaking my heart

just, infuriated when i see post-decrement, wtf is wrong with people.

phwoar once again everyone's got strong opinions and cogent thoughts.


@nicknicknicknick Yes. But only if both remakes are FMV

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i enjoyed tim curry's take but i *especially* liked dean erickson's take.

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