I’m so desperate for a fediverse calendar/event app that I don’t know if I can wait for someone else to get started. But I have no web development skills (or time). Someone please start a serious attempt with a patreon so I can feel useful

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Some thoughts on existing services: Not federated, “Upcoming wasn't built for event promoters, organizers, or venues” aka will never replace Facebook which is the goal

Friendica: A whole social network seems overkill. I don’t think they have full activitypub support yet. this looks promising. They’re looking for contributors to help with ActivityPub support.

@michel SAME. I’m sick of everyone still using Facebook for this stuff.

@courtney @michel I’m so down as well! we could start just mocking up the UX and UI and all the interaction models.

@michel The way #Friendica calendar works is by providing a calDav output that can be imported in *any* calendar app. I don't think a specific "fediverse calendar/event" app makes sense.

@hypolite @michel what do event pages look like in Friendica? I had a short root around but couldn't find any.

@michel Calendars are a collosal pain in the ass. That's probably why nobody's implemented it on AP yet. That said, if you were to do this, best to start with a Pleroma plugin or patch. There's also somewhere an AP starter kit repo written in Elixir, IIRC.

@michel Possibly try Osada and/or Hubzilla? I think they share much of the same codebase, but Osada gained ActivityPub support first. Is far as I know, none of the group and calendar features of either federate over AP though. (Last I tried, I've seen some incomplete AP federation features too, like direct messages showing up as public in Osada - no idea if that has been fixed.)

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