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I did a thing I wanted to avoid and *it wasn't that bad*. If I could only remember this for next time...

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long thread on severe ME 

I have ME. I guess that was hard to miss when you follow me. But did you know there are 4 types of ME?

Mild, Moderate, Severe, Very severe.

Definitions change a bit from website to website, but I'd say, Mild: can still go to work/school without spoons to do anything else
Moderate: Jobless, but can still leave the house (almost) every day for visits, shopping, etc
Severe: housebound
Very Severe: Bedbound

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if you went to an event, knowing you were likely to be filmed and feeling okay about that, but:

shortly afterwards saw in a video that a camera crew had used a zoom lens to film closeups of your notes without asking or telling you. And that had then got through editing too. How would you feel about that?

(pls boost. context: this just happened to me. nothing private in notes, but there could have been)

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Parenting + 

Kiddo's at a really lovely age. I can always cheer him up with a loud fart. 💖

Buying fruit by the case 

Champagne mangoes 😎

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Toilet humour/parenting 

Got a kid into fart jokes? Let me recommend the bean/fart scene from blazing saddles. Kiddo basically fell off the couch laughing. We've had to watch in 4x in a row. Thanks @jonbro for being such a great parent.

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"be gay; do crime" isn't a pride flag or a cute meme.

"Many blame queers for the decline of this society -- we take pride in this. Some believe that we intend to shred-to-bits this civilization and its moral fabric -- they couldn't be more accurate. We're often seen as depraved, decadent and revolting -- but oh, they ain't seen nothing yet."

Con: living in plague times

Pro: living in Beyoncé times

Have you ever used a rotary telephone. It is very calming and satisfying.*

* Brought to you by thinking of my grandma's phone, after I used an app to turn my phone into a remote.

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If you use Fava bean water does that make it aquafava?

Garlic update 

Using my printmaking skills for garlic storage

Gratuitous beautiful nature 

Mount Adams above Lake Takhlakh, WA.

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I've posted a progress report for day 3 of the survey on the blog here:

(Also, well over 22,000 responses at the moment! Halfway to last year's record on day 3?? Take part if you haven't already:

Selfie (e/c) 

Feeling cute, N95 mask lines, new binder, and old dress.

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