a cat ate my sister and I and we sat inside its fur-lined stomach, but it was so worth it because we got to freak our parents out with a corn cob

Woah, water, basket, vegetables.. i have a lot to learn from 👵

I do love waking up to fresh seedlings 🌱

I tried to train my cat to be a bus 🚌 it didnt work out

What has Totoro smoked, he’s so on edge

*slaps roof of Phd thesis* this badboy can fit so many years of hard work and sheer determination in it 😆

Friend camp feature request: javascript snow ❄️
Merry Christmas! 🎄

I can't follow koopa the tortoise anymore, its too depressing. that poor thing is trapped in a tiny glass box, and eats boring food. It has no water to swim in. And its all alone, I don't know what the social lives of turtles are, but surely they need some stimulation?

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