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Oh, belated thanks to the Dat crew- @darius @Danielle and @whoisgina , lovely to meet you all! Sorry it was brief. Great to hear about what you do although i found it hard to follow as there was no explanation of what Dat is or how it functions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess the audience mostly knew that already ! I guess with limited time you were keen on jumping into experiments with dat, and conceptual analogies. Im new to dat ☺️


wow, Facebook have hired Nick Clegg. Its like emperor Zuck has realised his empire is so big, it needs a political presence to handle the pressure from the international community. Its weird, its like FB is becoming an actual State on a virtual, non-geographic plane, with 2 billion inhabitants. Next, FB will have a seat in the United Nations.

My invisible floor is acting like an intersecting plane slightly above the real floor 😂

there's something nice about sending someone a message, hearing them laugh, and then seeing them type 'lol'.

Eek having my first MS Word crash while Im writing, this, of course, came after a cloud software update 🙄. *rants at cloud* “leave my computer alone” ☁️🖕🧐

Welcome, knowledge. Welcome, curiosity. Welcome, imagination. Welcome, UK. Welcome, world. British Library: 20 years of welcomes.

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Welcome school learner who really wasn't expecting it to be like this. Welcome student scrolling through Twitter. Welcome person who doesn't want anyone to know what you're working on. Welcome diligent journalist looking at a cached web page from 2006. Welcome parents in with the kids to see an exhibition (sorry about the tempting shop). Welcome all ten people who think they've got the most niche interest in the whole building. Welcome librarians from everywhere. Together we've got this.

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Welcome researchers on a bit of a mission. Welcome mildly curious people. Welcome person looking up the history of Leicester city centre. Welcome midlife entrepreneur wanting advice. Welcome scientist with a theory it's going to take at least ten years to prove. Welcome local fancying a cup of tea. Welcome teenager gothically in love with Lord Byron.Welcome tourist who thinks we're the British Museum. Welcome musicologist who will be in the papers with what you discover today.

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'researcher on a bit of a mission' haha, that sort of tongue-in-check understatement is very British subtle humour. of course, everyone is on a HUGE undertaking that takes over your life 🙋‍♂️

I was also brought to tears (literally, I sniffled in the locker room) by the moving banner that the British Library have put up in the foyer.

Morning campsite! Ha, today's little find has been a gem, it's the history of APIs:

update, she's left, I can go now haha.
meanwhile, does anyone have an opinion on whether its useful to called the intro chapter 'Introduction', or better give it a title?

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there's a scholar to my right that is known for a book on algorithms. I feel like this is an algo-discourse British Library chair warming competition. I'm keeping my chair warm way past my normal leaving hour 🔥 😤 🔥

randomly writing stuff down, my thesis planning is going out the window.

@deerful emma, which night are you playing at the algorave Festival? Im going to come see you livecode 😁

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ printer stopped ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what good is the introduction and background without the core argument 🙄

Ive gone truly interdisciplinary, im really into this article published in ‘the academy of management annals’ by a scholar from the Sloan School of Management, MIT: Wanda Orlikowski 🙌

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