@nasser following this to its logical conclusion, a coo-o-oops (n., a pigeon call consisting of mistakes) must be very good indeed


today is the one year anniversary of the Lebanese Revolution. there is still so much work to do, and Lebanon and everyone living there are still under threat from multiple fronts, so I am exhausted and always anxious. but watching people across classes, sects, and all of society march together for the first time against the ruling parties and families, some of which are 400 years old, fills me with a kind of hope I didn't even know existed ✊🏼🇱🇧 ثورة حتى النصر

hi everyone! i am now also on merveilles.town as @nasser. i will be using that account to post my practice/process, so please follow there if youre into that! i will be keeping this account small and locked so i have a place where i can just be a human with friends i know.

top gun 

despite flying in identical weather and lighting conditions, the american pilots fly with their visors up while the "enemy" pilots fly with their visors down. we can see the eyes of the american pilots, which tells us they are human like us, but we cannot see the eyes of the "enemy", which tells us their humanity is doubtful. it's always easier to kill faceless monsters.

thinking of starting a mastodon account dedicated to my practice, because I've seriously missed being able to share what I'm working on in real time with people and birdsite does not feel like the right place to do that anymore... any recommendations on instances? my work is graphics, games, programming languages, computer art, tools etc

i don't wanna pay for someone else's health care, i am perfectly happy paying for my health insurance company's CEO's seventh vacation home

a term I made up I think 


someone who has intentionally disconnected themselves from the internet for a period of time or permanently. the state of being intentionally disconnected from the internet.


I tried to get in touch but I couldn't find them online anywhere. it's like they're a total disco or something.

gonna go disco for a few weeks for my own mental health

The idea that the universe is a simulation just does not interest us whatsoever.

It's like wondering if the sky is actually pink, but we have messed up retinas, or something

It's not something that's going to affect science in any meaninful capacity, it's not something that affects our understanding of the universe in any meaningful capacity.

It's literally just "a few computer scientists got high and started writing down their ideas, one of them was "ice cream in trousers to keep your nuts cool" and the othe happened to be "the universe is a simulation"

It’s 2020 and this Windows icon is referencing three dead technologies: CRT monitors, CD-ROMs and packaged software.

my lisp game jam entry is up at https://selfsame.itch.io/orbomancy

it's also the first Godot game written in clojure which was a ton of fun

a more nuanced take: as a blunt instrument of the spread of neoliberalism google can only understand buildings as places of commerce and the people who frequent to the buildings as consumers. the neoliberal consumer exercises agency primarily through commercial decisions and communicating such decisions to other consumers. "voting with your dollars" takes the place of political action and "leaving reviews" takes the place of accountability and political organization.

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