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the arabic line in my bio translates to "greetings, o lily in the shade"

its from this performance of موسم العز (mawsam al-aaiz, "season of splendor/season of plenty")

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combining in my mind the theories of functional programming and anarcho-communism, to become unstoppable

@idlestate @nasser
When the going gets tough, we can all come together and do our best to overcome the challenges in our lives.


this town isn't big enough for the both of us so it looks like we should build more housing and get rid of some restrictive low-density zoning

@nasser have you been knocked down? would you like to get back up again? side effects may include tubthumping

talk to your doctor to see if chumbawamba is right for you

hey buddy look it's like they say: if you can't handle the heat then just let us know ok and we'll open a window or something because it's really important to us that you feel safe and comfortable in the kitchen ♥️

illustration of a gun 

finally arrived! excited to read this.

Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

this conversation took place while interviewing for a position at The GAP

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interviewer: can you explain the big gap in your employment history?
me: can you explain the big gap between what your CEO gets paid and what your workers get paid?


Daily #91

could have gotten this one but I was sloppy 😵

centuries before the age of "classical anarchism" but still had many of its ideas

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thinking about how pirates practiced a radical form of egalitarian democracy on their ships and elected their captains, and one of the reasons nation states fought them as viciously as they did was that they represented a threat to the hierarchical monarchic model of society

motorcycle diaries 

difficult to overstate the mental health benefits I experience when I ride

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