we went to fill up the little food pantry in our neighborhood and it was full. People would have you believe stuff like this isn't workable bc people are too greedy or destructive, but I've never seen that pantry empty.

dwarf fortress should have more labor disputes


lmao the only occurrence of "riot" i can find on the washpost liveblog is where it occurs in the word "patriot"

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militarization of the police charted by the evolution of Lego cop model

reminder to follow me on @nasser if we don't know each other personally!


The "two wings of the same bird" thing isn't as good of an analogy as the ratchet theory of US politics. I mean both are evocative, but the ratchet one you can actually watch happen in real time, over and over.

is anything

is anything too hard for god
is anything open in portland
is anything open near me
is anything faster than light
is anything free on apple tv
is anything in retrograde
is anything possible
is anything good happening in the world
is anything open right now
is anything divided by 0 0

you, ignorant: eat the rich
me, brilliant: Consume The Richard.

@nasser following this to its logical conclusion, a coo-o-oops (n., a pigeon call consisting of mistakes) must be very good indeed


today is the one year anniversary of the Lebanese Revolution. there is still so much work to do, and Lebanon and everyone living there are still under threat from multiple fronts, so I am exhausted and always anxious. but watching people across classes, sects, and all of society march together for the first time against the ruling parties and families, some of which are 400 years old, fills me with a kind of hope I didn't even know existed ✊🏼🇱🇧 ثورة حتى النصر

hi everyone! i am now also on merveilles.town as @nasser. i will be using that account to post my practice/process, so please follow there if youre into that! i will be keeping this account small and locked so i have a place where i can just be a human with friends i know.

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