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the arabic line in my bio translates to "greetings, o lily in the shade"

its from this performance of موسم العز (mawsam al-aaiz, "season of splendor/season of plenty")

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combining in my mind the theories of functional programming and anarcho-communism, to become unstoppable

give a person a fish, feed them for a day
teach a person to fish, feed them for life
become a fish, none of this is your problem anymore

ugh fired from my job at marvel comics because apparently "never gets emails" is not a "superpower young audiences can get excited about"

There is an inverse relationship between imagination and money.
-- Alan Moore

#anarchism #quote #bot

the "leader of the free world" trope is propaganda -- a world that was truly free would have no leaders

alpha version of tonight's jam!

some of the syntax:
- euc: euclidean rhythms
- ins: set the instrument for every note in the sequence
- fol: follow every note in the sequence
- rot: rotate the sequence
- cat: concatenate sequences
- $>1: schedule this pattern to run once at the end of the current pattern

the patterns alternate track numbers and expressions to mean "put the result of this expression on this track"

tracks of unequal lengths are extended to balance the final pattern!

cursed dream 

I mockingly referred to Senator Chuck Schumer of New York State as "Charles Entertainment Schumer"

Star Wars: Game of the Jungle: Battle of the Home 1: Gold Edition

If you're a capitalist then of course you want trustless transactions and organizations, because those perfectly obfuscate the social relations. And that then allows all manner of horrors to be laundered within the economy, or treated as externalities. For the capitalist, trust is friction. It means that you need to know more than zero about who you're dealing with and what they're up to.

not sure if my instincts are off so lmk how you all feel about this: "in a hypothetical federated git platform, i would like it if conversations in a repository (eg issues and pull requests) were stored directly in the repository as opposed to in a database on the server"

boosts appreciated

Me putting hormones in the water supply: haha public trans it

delivery drivers are braver than the troops

the puzzle on npr 

caller: *answers every question with an unintelligible scream, audibly soils themselves, cries inconsolably while cursing god*
lulu: you did very well! thank you for playing the puzzle, what's your member station?

internet archive question: is there a way i can tell IA to archive a publicly readable URL? ie, make a copy of the data available at a URL and add it to an IA item?

i have a large amount of data i want to archive there (100K+ files, ~2TB total) all already available at public URLs (moving from amazon S3). i'm trying to avoid a situation where I download all of that data just to upload it to IA again. ideally IA could ingest it directly without an intermediate server.

imagine, a stack of carefully placed stones, and the moss that slowly creeps over its surface, forming a cohesive body, and then gaining sapience.
that’s me thats my gender. use me to remember where you are going in life, and please help keep me tall so others may rely on me later.

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