Has anyone made a simcity-like game where the economics isn't hardcoded to align with capitalist ideals?

someone on twitter said "want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding" and man do i agree.

code, despite it all 

its rough, needs zebra-striping and other things, but its the best visualization of coroutines ive managed so far. the instrumentation of the code is super simple, too, and can be done live in a browser, so it can be made into an online toy people can play with to develop an intuition for this stuff.

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code, despite it all 

couldnt sleep last night so i mocked up a coroutine visualization ive been thinking about. its a generator/coroutine next to a timeline of frames that indicates, for each frame, which lines of code in the coroutine executed. `yield` basically means "stop and resume at this point next frame" and you can see that in the stair-step pattern and how it hangs out in the while loop for a bit.


unicorn in arabic is وحيد القرن, wahid al-qarn, literally "of one horn"

this is hilarious to me because
1. that's also the translation of "rhino" like arabs dont have time to make up new words for fantasy european creatures
2. uh rinos have uh two horns

dont like autonomous zones? yeah? well how about you get the fuck out of YOUR HOUSE

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video game article 

hey everyone, an article i wrote a while ago for increment magazine on making games using browser technology is now live: increment.com/frontend/a-front check it out if thats your thing!

dreamt of an alternate universe where instead of the tv show "the nanny" starting fran drescher we got "the danny" starting danny devito

This is ten percent luck
Twenty percent luck
Fifteen percent concentrated power of luck
Five percent luck
Fifty percent luck
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

if ducktales was about pigs instead of ducks they could have called it pigtales and they all could have had cute pigtails

you're telling me a computer aided this design

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