i will be at the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York City 6:30pm tonight in solidarity with my people's protest against our government ✊​✌️​🇱🇧​twitter.com/Zzeghedrane/status

might fuck around later and title my autobiography "It's Not a Game, It's an Experience"

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true story: I want to use the face app very badly... but I don't want to give them my data 😔

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today is the date in one of my favorite music videos of all time!

Fifty years after Apollo 11

The Cairenes attend a world, interplanetary event:
The launch of the first Arab spaceship.

The Pan-Arab Alliance sends two astronauts to the moon.


Their Mission:
"Get It Right"



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still thinking about this exchange i saw in a jp morgan chase bank in carrol gardens where a cute little blonde boy was reaching for a bowl of lollipops and his mom kept saying "no. honey, no. those arent organic." and in that moment i felt very far from the mountains of lebanon

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arab things 

arab things 


The dog has led to me befriending a very Old Timey Brooklyn neighbor who loves my dog and gives advice for beating the heat based on his time as a longshoreman and he actually says "fugghedaboutit" and it's great

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