the thing about this toot is: while i was thinking of it i was leaving my laundromat and forgetting my clothes there

"look, life is chaos, and if you dont think so, then you ARE the chaos 😎​"


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you ever worry
that youve forgotten
or maybe never even knew
what your neck feels like
without a boot on it

im working on a PEG parser generator and i had a breakthrough yesterday! my hunch has been that you could derive a nice parse tree type directly from your grammar and populate it without specifying any "action" blocks the way you normally do in a PEG grammar. took five attempts but this one seems to be sticking! explanations in the image alt text.

breaking packet silence to say: happy 2020 to friend camp and the whole fediverse! I am so glad this exists and that I can be a part of it. here's to more anti-corporate spaces in the coming decade 🤘

i will be at the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York City 6:30pm tonight in solidarity with my people's protest against our government ✊​✌️​🇱🇧​twitter.com/Zzeghedrane/status

might fuck around later and title my autobiography "It's Not a Game, It's an Experience"

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