today i invented a game called "open source project or tertiary star wars character" lets begin

* dokku
* greedo
* yaml
* logray
* fluo
* kaminari
* dalvik
* dianoga
* nokogiri
* batik
* toml
* labria
* hadoop
* avro
* teedo
* deno
* lobot
* bahir
* lodash
* exogorth
* celix
* dubbo

@technomancy oh my god, my partner has been insisting that "minor drug dealer on coruscant" is her aesthetic, this guy is perfect

@nasser need categories for "both (accidentally)" and "both (on purpose)"

@aparrish yeah it gets out of hand immediately doesn't it

@nasser I feel like even the ones that are starwars characters are also open source.

I like the ones that get the wars, trek and open source trifecta

@darius omg I didn't even think of posix utilities. also: posix

@nasser @darius destroyed in a season finale, but it was okay, they saved the core and the next season opened with it freshly installed in a much more capable new chassis and now going by X-64

my answers 

@nasser this was genuinely very difficult

* dokku - OS
* greedo - SW
* yaml - OS
* logray
* fluo
* kaminari - SW
* dalvik - OS?
* dianoga - SW?
* nokogiri - OS?
* batik
* toml - OS
* labria
* hadoop - OS
* avro - SW?
* teedo
* deno - OS
* lobot - OS?
* bahir
* lodash - OS
* exogorth
* celix
* dubbo

my answers 

@reese he was a skIG-88r boi, she said see you lBB-8r boi

@nasser fun fact: kaminari is very similar to the german name for the pokemon totodile, which is karnimani.
I'm also fairly sure there's a pokemon named similarly to hadoop, but I can't find it.

@nasser i personally like Lars

the cinema i watched that Star Wars movie in here in Norway burst into laughter when "Lars" was presented, because it's a common boy name here

a lot of people will know some guy named Lars.

@thor @nasser here same (Lars), but the laughing came from the german translation „Feuchtfarmer“, that’s a unusual combination of wet (feucht) and farmer (Bauer)…

@nasser is Lando ( omitted because primary not tertiary character?

@nasser 😅

dokku, this is definitely a sta... wait a minute! :thinkception:

@nasser hadoop - ha! You want to trick me here! That's not a star wars character, but a star wars planet!

It's were Queen Amidala has her residence - on planet hadoop.


@nasser nice, thank you for that exhaustive list of possible future open source projects :-)

@nasser thanks, that was fun... I got 2 SW characters and 4x software, but you almost cought me with dokku 😁

@nasser I like this WAY MORE than open source projects just using real words with a completely different meaning as their name:

Dash, Pylons, Wheezy, Werkzeug, Hug, circuits.

@nasser I definitely recognise yaml, toml and nokogiri as open-source projects, and nokogiri as a Japanese term (for a saw, ironically).

@nasser I am going to steal this list for my Ironsworn Starforged ttrpg game for alien names.

@nasser bonus points for names like "tarkin" which are both.

@nasser I’ve always thought that grep and awk sound like intestinal distress.

@nasser on a long-enough timeline, each of these will end up being both.

@nasser Now I have FOMO that there are so many projects where I don’t know what they do

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