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A is for Allamaraine!
B is for Bajor
C is for Cardassia
D is for Dominion
E is for Emissary
F is for Founders
G is for Gamma Quadrant
H is for Hasperat
I is for Ira Steven Behr
J is for Jem'Hadar
K is for Ketracel
L is for Latinum
M is for Morn
N is for Nerys
O is for Odo
P is for Promenade
Q is for Quark's
R is for Runabout
S is for Stem bolts
T is for Terok Nor
U is for Uridium ore
V is for Vic Fontaine
W is for Wormhole
X is for Xepolite smuggler
Y is for Yamok sauce
Z is for Zek


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so i guess i'm playing through Deus Ex: Invisible War now. for personal reasons.

let's share!

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for the folks feeling anxiety, the two early-morning earthquakes we've had this month in montréal are clearly moving *away* from the city so there's nothing to worry about.

when it's panic at the rancho in i just try to remember phil hartman's buttery-smooth voice.


i realise this is petty and irresponsible but i am going to need someone to give me a haircute before this is all over.

then again, im glad to see the ingrained capitalist tendency towards min-maxing our relationships with nature, other people, and ourselves is being instinctively enacted on the canvas of

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