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A is for Allamaraine!
B is for Bajor
C is for Cardassia
D is for Dominion
E is for Emissary
F is for Founders
G is for Gamma Quadrant
H is for Hasperat
I is for Ira Steven Behr
J is for Jem'Hadar
K is for Ketracel
L is for Latinum
M is for Morn
N is for Nerys
O is for Odo
P is for Promenade
Q is for Quark's
R is for Runabout
S is for Stem bolts
T is for Terok Nor
U is for Uridium ore
V is for Vic Fontaine
W is for Wormhole
X is for Xepolite smuggler
Y is for Yamok sauce
Z is for Zek


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today in we had a bit of a show-&-tell and i am absolutely floored by everything the koopas are doing. Winding Worlds & ⚰️ are looking great. i'm lucky to be with these folks.

~ today in therapy ~ 

i'm not paying any money to di$ney to find out but does this make it canonical that yoda fucks


considering leaning into polyphasic sleep i guess? been fully awake from 2h30 to 5h15 and sure sex is cool but have you tried staring into the darkness listening to yourself breathe for hours.

when animals talk about humans their term of venery is just "a bunch of assholes."

god it bothers me when i need to shop from a site and i have to intuit which one of the two fucking dozen javascript services i have to enable in order to do so.

food, alc 

musicians whose xmas albums i eagerly await:
~ daft punk
~ elder
~ laurie spiegel
~ mary lattimore
~ wolf parade

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