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A is for Allamaraine!
B is for Bajor
C is for Cardassia
D is for Dominion
E is for Emissary
F is for Founders
G is for Gamma Quadrant
H is for Hasperat
I is for Ira Steven Behr
J is for Jem'Hadar
K is for Ketracel
L is for Latinum
M is for Morn
N is for Nerys
O is for Odo
P is for Promenade
Q is for Quark's
R is for Runabout
S is for Stem bolts
T is for Terok Nor
U is for Uridium ore
V is for Vic Fontaine
W is for Wormhole
X is for Xepolite smuggler
Y is for Yamok sauce
Z is for Zek


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well there's a typo here but that's what you get, nick nick nick nick writes it raw, straight from the gut-hole

if you haven't followed by reviews on letterboxd now's your chance to get in on the ground floor

so we finally watched Empire with my 5 year-old nephew.

(my 8 year-old niece asked "is this where you find out the secret?" yes it is.)

"obi-wan told me enough!.... he told me you killed him!"


my nephew asked "why would a daddy do that to his son?"

we were dumbstruck.

I just double-checked and it appears that Margaret Thatcher is still dead and in hell

similarly me i like to cut my bixi across from the university- into- maisonneuve- bike paths like the falcon evading a token TIE fighter pursuit


today in KO_OP we're finally getting a handle on office co_ordination.

[cw food-adj]

via #51

sipping coffee & reading the latest Maisonneuve like a real smug piece of shit.

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