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A is for Allamaraine!
B is for Bajor
C is for Cardassia
D is for Dominion
E is for Emissary
F is for Founders
G is for Gamma Quadrant
H is for Hasperat
I is for Ira Steven Behr
J is for Jem'Hadar
K is for Ketracel
L is for Latinum
M is for Morn
N is for Nerys
O is for Odo
P is for Promenade
Q is for Quark's
R is for Runabout
S is for Stem bolts
T is for Terok Nor
U is for Uridium ore
V is for Vic Fontaine
W is for Wormhole
X is for Xepolite smuggler
Y is for Yamok sauce
Z is for Zek


working on this "wfh ergonomics" thing people have mentioned & soon i may have a computer desk that's not just an ikea dining room table, a computer chair that's not just an ikea dining room chair, and an office shelf that's also not just an ikea dining room chair.

I'm hosting a webinar about trust and safety on the fediverse this Thursday, Dec 8th at 12pm Eastern. It's an introduction to the state of content moderation and community safety here.

I hope it will be useful to people at civil society organizations who have perhaps heard about Mastodon and the fediverse and would like to know more about where there are gaps in funding and services, and places where orgs could potentially help augment what's already happening.


ai art prompt 

the words “pay artists” in the style of various unpaid artists

AI carcinisation 

so i guess we're at a place where we have AI art bots making AI art to confuse AI spam bots.

masto meta monday 

one thing i do prefer on birdsite is the ability to add someone to a list without having to follow them.

i'm sure this has been explained.

i will still shake my fist at this cloud.


does anyone have *any* clue what this time measurement means in the moonish iOS lock screen widget?

☕️, bad ui/ux 

i was really enjoying this coffee, but now i’m out of coffee? seems like a bug.

twitter exodus, mailing lists 

i'm slowly depopulating my twitter lists.

never really read through most of them tbh, but one or two comprised a bunch of events & orgs i do genuinely want to follow – i've spent a good hour this evening just tracking down their newsletters, so's i can delete the lists.

my one tiny-violin gripe? several newsletters don't seem to send confirmations when you sign up. am i abonné? i'll find out in a month, if i remember!


considering how many 2022 games i played (not many) i'm fairly happy with how this goty 2022 list turned out.

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why would you use celery when you could use leeks?

alc, food 

i love sitting at the bar, that’s where i
* get mistaken for steve from the army
* compare the ratios of football : rugby :: hockey : lacrosse
* end up talking about beans because of fucking course i did i’m sorry,

went out to buy gifts for my niblings & ended up just standing agape at this fucking peppa pig airplane for five minutes.

misogyny & women's health 

this podcast ep about women & uteruses and the moral panic (from men) about women using various forms of transport throughout history (i.e., achieving a modest independence) is both hilarious & sickening, and serves as a crystal-clear example of concern trolling.

in all of history has anyone ever been named Angus Bobangus or are we all cowards?

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