i don't normally do this
but the dog down the street
that has been barking continuously for the past hour
may not be a good dog

"wow, the universe at my fingertips, think of it, there must be countless intelligent species to discover"
NMS: "no, just five."

all major unity plugins should come with a checkbox that just says "don't"

i feel a hair somewhere on my face that can't be found, and in this i sense the doom of men.

if i die in this instance...
how long does it take my death to propagate?/


oh good, a four-hour podcast,
this'll be perfect for when i'm arrested on a scandalous misdemeanour and idling in a liminal state between bureaucratically-sanctioned selfhoods.

heck yeah
today i:
a) got a cloud build mostly working
b) ate nachos
3) added a quark emoji to most of my slacks

game, set, match fediuniverse.

*taps small microphone*
~ IPAs aren't that good
~ fair trade is more important than organic
~ vegetables are better than meat

(repost from my old .social, but i feel it is Right and Just)

how does anyone think about anything?
how do they know where to start?
how do they trust themselves in any of it?

i only say this because i'm disappointed that afaict the internet still isn't providing a proper recipe for grumblecakes.

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no really, a four and a half hour podcast, what in the actual fuck

@nicknicknicknick this is literally an hourly problem for me, wearing glasses, and having 3 cats and a dog

@nicknicknicknick plus fans all over the house actually

but like i can't change many of these things really, especially in the summer

i'm of polish and hungarian stock and yet somehow that innate capacity for beardedness escapes me, which i can't claim as either blessing or curse...

oh jesus i mean i don't want to be the one *doing* them heavens no

okay but on reflection i get you, like it's nice to be in a place with gnog where the pressure's off and i can clean up my code and address real QoL fixes.

@nicknicknicknick I just like having a large list with clear goals. once the design is there and you basically are just making shit work consistently? heaven.

@nicknicknicknick definitely a G-rated cartoon face with a bulbous nose

@nicknicknicknick Well the bright side is they only come out once every 8 months or so

yeah exactly. just, i don't ever have time to listen to podcasts, or haven't found an easy way to break them up, and lord knows if i don't have content i don't got nothin

@nicknicknicknick I sure wish contemporary media would adopt historical limitations (not)

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