i don't normally do this
but the dog down the street
that has been barking continuously for the past hour
may not be a good dog

"wow, the universe at my fingertips, think of it, there must be countless intelligent species to discover"
NMS: "no, just five."

all major unity plugins should come with a checkbox that just says "don't"

i feel a hair somewhere on my face that can't be found, and in this i sense the doom of men.

if i die in this instance...
how long does it take my death to propagate?/


oh good, a four-hour podcast,
this'll be perfect for when i'm arrested on a scandalous misdemeanour and idling in a liminal state between bureaucratically-sanctioned selfhoods.

heck yeah
today i:
a) got a cloud build mostly working
b) ate nachos
3) added a quark emoji to most of my slacks

game, set, match fediuniverse.


*taps small microphone*
~ IPAs aren't that good
~ fair trade is more important than organic
~ vegetables are better than meat

(repost from my old .social, but i feel it is Right and Just)

how does anyone think about anything?
how do they know where to start?
how do they trust themselves in any of it?

i only say this because i'm disappointed that afaict the internet still isn't providing a proper recipe for grumblecakes.

where the water tastes like wine
to the tune of
let the bodies hit the floor.


i'm eating all the leftovers from the (third) launch party with wild abandon and i know i should be sharing it but they call me the finisher and *somebody* needs to right the wrongs in this world.


sure, eating a full jar of green curry paste is fantastic, but have you tried sex?

every video game has hair and coins, if it doesn't have hair and coins it's not a viddo game, sorry bucko thems the rules.

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oh jesus i mean i don't want to be the one *doing* them heavens no

okay but on reflection i get you, like it's nice to be in a place with gnog where the pressure's off and i can clean up my code and address real QoL fixes.

@nicknicknicknick I just like having a large list with clear goals. once the design is there and you basically are just making shit work consistently? heaven.

@nicknicknicknick doctors hate this housewife’s trick
don’t forget to wash your hands

@nicknicknicknick honestly I do not know but ellaguro is super into this, she has a patreon

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