i was lucky enough to get in on early, and i'm finally pushing myself to use it. today is the second day.

this is terrifying for me – i burned out of my friends' write club *hard* – but i'm hoping that writing in five-minute, 100-word bursts, with no real chance for revision, will at least work my atrophied writing muscle and encourage more abandon and less anxiety.

deep breaths.

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sharing more, not because it's *good*, but because i want to keep myself honest.

writing is a kind of muscle memory and i still need to do my stretches.

continuing, intermittently.
discovering that i'm never going to *have* time to write. i'll just have to forcibly carve it out of the still-breathing day.

note that this is not *good*, but it is *written*, and that is important.

this excerpt being inspired directly by some nationalist doc about canada in WWI i just finished watching, anyway.

you can follow my numbers here:

the iframe of the latter still doesn't embed properly in my own website, what even gives.

more writing during a five-minute work break. i think for the next little while i'm going to just hit the "random wiki" button on wikipedia and take the result as a prompt.


not great, not terrible. just continuing.

@nicknicknicknick ooh, interesting. I have done 750words on and off for years, but I am curious about the additional flexibility here.

@nicknicknicknick yup! for context:

I didn't really edit at all, and most times I treated my backspace key as non existent.

phwoar... that does give me a bit of an anxiety flare-up, volume-wise. but then, writingstreak also has a "typewriter mode" where you can't hit backspace at all...

@nicknicknicknick sorry about that :( it was too much for me too - and the writing didn't go anywhere. I seem to recall that the book it was based on suggested burning the 3 pages after you wrote them - so more of a meditation than a production if that makes sense.

@nicknicknicknick anyways! I am here rooting for you! you got this :)

thanks much. that sounds about right though... i'm not looking for good, i'm looking for the muscle memory, as it were.

@jonbro @nicknicknicknick I'd also recommend just writing *whatever* comes into your brain. When I did I'd right things like "ooh look at the bird outside the window".

I had a 713 day streak and it was definitely worth it, helpful personally and for my writing. I would love to get back into it and this site looks interesting!

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