~ today in therapy ~ 

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~ today in therapy ~
the part of me that wants to be adult, serious, in control; and the part of me that is vulnerable, desperate, hurting; and the disinformation between the two.

~ today in therapy ~ 

forcing myself to do the opposite of what i want to do; i've spent so much time alone that i isolate myself despite wanting support and having it available. why.

~ today in therapy ~ 

how much i hide away and keep to myself (for fear of what?), how much i relate with both deckard and the replicants – a shapeshifting, immature, dangerous, ambiguous agent that can blend in but is always at risk of being found out.

cf. friend.camp/@nicknicknicknick/

this actually connects with something i noticed where i do claim to prefer being quiet and on my own – i've practiced being alone for so long that i've come to valorise it – but if i feel vaguely safe enough in a conversation i can prattle on for hours and thoroughly enjoy it, something i'd previously denied myself.

~ today in therapy ~ 

sexuality! finally!
specifically teenage sexuality.
also the overlap between my online friends in the kink and game studies circles, respectively, and the concept of the magic circle common to both.

~ today in therapy ~ 

using forgetfulness at some level as an aggressive defence of my assumed/enacted independent identity; and other reasons why i internalise anger: it avoids negotiation, my only experience with anger has been at the extreme, i don't know how to "use" anger except for destruction & self-confirmation.

~ today in therapy ~ 

therapy was cancelled this week, but how about this to this time last year. still working on this, still working on lots.
[birb] twitter.com/nickfourtimes/stat

~ today in therapy ~ 

still anger.
anger as assertion; how i've trained myself to hide/ignore anger to avoid challenging people, to maintain a status quo. how this plays out as a constant performance & self-denial, a lack of identity in any situation, of identity in general. could "practising anger" as assertion help/have helped my definition of self...

~ today in therapy ~ 

@nicknicknicknick I get angry at work quite visibly now and everyone seems a lot more ok with it than I expected. Maybe it’s finding people who can deal with you being annoyed


i am... still not comfortable, for a variety of actual and legacy reasons....

@nicknicknicknick I think it’s okay to let it out as long as your voice doesn’t get raised. I tend to snap a bit and then mellow out a bit and people seem okay with that

@nicknicknicknick but I can understand this. I think also taking up a sport where anger can be let out in a healthy way is good: Muay Thai and pads works for me. Maybe it’d help?

my instinctual reaction to that is that it's way too late for me to start, and i will be bad. this is how i approach... just about everything.

spose that needs to change.

@nicknicknicknick honestly no one has to be like, good at punching and kicking. Very few people are. Have u ever seen a bar fight

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