"the heart of our community is people. and the heart of people, is the head. the head, and the legs."

still not gonna rest until "has dogs," "no dogs," "secret dogs," and "dogs" are recognised steam tags.

it's impossible to see this picture and not think "gamers" and vice versa.

was pouring water and came to an emergency All Stop, it's a hal'lowe'en miracle.

i like my stoner metal like i like my old world automata: grinding, chunky, and vast; relentless machines driven by inscrutable, arcane powers.

some days, viz., friday, november 2nd, 2018, you remember you are a beautiful son of a bitch.

here's a tip, enable dark mode on all your devices by detonating a nuclear weapon in the upper atmosphere.

a gender reveal party, but when you show up it's just an angry tamarian who hands you a dagger and goes on about the beast at tanagra.

i want to say "like mastodon or diaspora*, but for email" but i'm worried i'm gonna be foisted like one of those startuppies who "invents" a privatised library.

"what you need is a good light-hearted font, laugh a little."
"but doctor, *i'm* comic sans."

the gritty reboot of vvvvvv is a next-generation fps with ambient occlusion to the max and every time you jump captain viridian says fuck.

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I live in coastal British Columbia I think everything here needs that label.

@nicknicknicknick oh noes! Now I have to go look at some dictionary cause I forgot what the beast at Tanagra meant! I only recognize the name…

@nicknicknicknick I realize my situation is exactly the same as Picard in the show!
Well, except that we have the internet now so I can just look it up haha!

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