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"the heart of our community is people. and the heart of people, is the head. the head, and the legs."

still not gonna rest until "has dogs," "no dogs," "secret dogs," and "dogs" are recognised steam tags.

it's impossible to see this picture and not think "gamers" and vice versa.

was pouring water and came to an emergency All Stop, it's a hal'lowe'en miracle.

i like my stoner metal like i like my old world automata: grinding, chunky, and vast; relentless machines driven by inscrutable, arcane powers.

some days, viz., friday, november 2nd, 2018, you remember you are a beautiful son of a bitch.

here's a tip, enable dark mode on all your devices by detonating a nuclear weapon in the upper atmosphere.

a gender reveal party, but when you show up it's just an angry tamarian who hands you a dagger and goes on about the beast at tanagra.

i want to say "like mastodon or diaspora*, but for email" but i'm worried i'm gonna be foisted like one of those startuppies who "invents" a privatised library.

"what you need is a good light-hearted font, laugh a little."
"but doctor, *i'm* comic sans."

the gritty reboot of vvvvvv is a next-generation fps with ambient occlusion to the max and every time you jump captain viridian says fuck.

what do we have to prepend so that the acronym for internet of things becomes idiot

thank you, wikipedia, for the random article functionality that brought me this friday morning gem.
all hail.

games have been art since warman specops made due sex, come at me nyt and learn a new critical framework why don't you, you gatekeeping laggards.

"this champagne is pedestrian."
"yes i daresay it's sub perignon."

bob dylan singing "she breaks just like a little girl" whilst i'm writing a switch statement complicates my work.

sadly, predictably, these formalisms will not survive the apocalypse.

tell me more of unity's new scribbleable ender's pipeline

you can't spell nick four times
without cuneiform kits.

oO(or funk eroticism... 🤔)

it's hard to tell where the government ends and the corporation begins and the distinction is largely academic.

i'm remembering that timeless Wayne Gretzky quote:
workers of the world, unite!
you miss 100% of the chains that you take from the capitalists.

to the last, i grapple with thee,
from hell's heart i stab at thee,
for hate's sake i spit my last breath at thee

*blocks ad on insta*

it turns out that we were the chaos emeralds all along,
every one of us.

i love all these ads for smart speakers assuming that as a young professional i'm just constantly overencumbered with groceries and small children.

anyway, looking for gnog / gnasty gnorc crossovers and i'm pretty unimpressed with this information superhighway thus far.


the year of luigi is dead
long live the year of luigi

why on earth would morpheus call his ship the nebuchadnezzar and not the Dream Boat?

the top 5 most anticipated gadgets of 2019 will not expurgate your sins, forgiveness comes from within and redemption from helping others.

*announcer voice*
indie games has a long and storied history. first there was chess, which was not published by ubisoft. after that came space war, and then indie games stopped when jon blow made fez.

wow it's 20h19 for the first time in 2019, this won't happen again for another 400 years.

related, the simons of video game journalism make a lovely story

simon ferarri 🚗
simon parkin 🅿️
simon carless 🚶‍♂️

chewing this gum has left me less fulfilled than i'd hoped.

the plural of dreamcast is dreams cast; a group of dreams cast is called a reverie.

"at what temperature was this instagram story recorded,"

if you think about it gillette has five razor blades whereas all other presidential candidates have three at most

i think the best way to your life is to read the latest article on medium and do whatever it says.

wow what drugs were they on when they created anything joyful in this dreary world.

one thing most of the star wars movies are missing is a guy licking the planet that they're on.

in the same way that it's fun to throw random twigs and detritus into a campfire i think it would be neat if we threw the moon into the sun.

maybe life is just the skeletons we made along the way

if you think about it video games are just a different kind of triangle.

surely there must be an algorithm to test algorithms for bias.

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cara let me tell you i discarded a whole lotta fanfic between the years of 2002 and 2006.

@nicknicknicknick been a while since I watched indie game the movie but yeah I remember this scene

@nicknicknicknick Gods now I'm trying to imagine the three of them in a cheesy 80's sitcom named "Too Many Jims"

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