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@nicknicknicknick Station Eleven looks interesting. I went and got the free trial and I'm about at chapter 2. I like it so far. Thanks for sharing!

um... probably a bunch, though my thoughts are scattered most of the time.

@nicknicknicknick when you pick up a scrap about this one, feel free to share

@nicknicknicknick I thought my statistics looked strange

then I realized any books I marked finished in the goodreads app do not have a read date set.



I finished reading Station Eleven today (I read slowly). I had started it because of that toot of yours. I really liked it, despite it being pretty unconventional narrative. So thanks for having shared that. I don't read many novel, and I don't know what exactly caught my attention to read it, but I'm really glad i did.

What did you think of it?

my pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. i did as well... it was sad and tragic and hopeful in the right ways. though my brother's name is frank and he lives in toronto so the character arc of frank who lives in toronto made me a little uncomfortable.

@nicknicknicknick Oh yeah, that one was tough :(

I think what I found the strangest is that, in the end, I mostly don't know what to think of this book. It certainly made me feels lots of things, emotional connections with the characters, but the world depicted feels so strange and alien; there's not much I could carry over to my own life other than raw emotions.

@nicknicknicknick I think the book don't want to give a lesson or a morale. Doesn't want to judge. I would usually say it's a good thing, but in the context of that post apocalyptic world, it left me a bit confused. (Which is not a bad thing, really)

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