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what do we have to prepend so that the acronym for internet of things becomes idiot

thank you, wikipedia, for the random article functionality that brought me this friday morning gem.
all hail.

games have been art since warman specops made due sex, come at me nyt and learn a new critical framework why don't you, you gatekeeping laggards.

"this champagne is pedestrian."
"yes i daresay it's sub perignon."

bob dylan singing "she breaks just like a little girl" whilst i'm writing a switch statement complicates my work.

sadly, predictably, these formalisms will not survive the apocalypse.

tell me more of unity's new scribbleable ender's pipeline

you can't spell nick four times
without cuneiform kits.

oO(or funk eroticism... 🤔)

it's hard to tell where the government ends and the corporation begins and the distinction is largely academic.

i'm remembering that timeless Wayne Gretzky quote:
workers of the world, unite!
you miss 100% of the chains that you take from the capitalists.

to the last, i grapple with thee,
from hell's heart i stab at thee,
for hate's sake i spit my last breath at thee

*blocks ad on insta*

it turns out that we were the chaos emeralds all along,
every one of us.

i love all these ads for smart speakers assuming that as a young professional i'm just constantly overencumbered with groceries and small children.

anyway, looking for gnog / gnasty gnorc crossovers and i'm pretty unimpressed with this information superhighway thus far.

why on earth would morpheus call his ship the nebuchadnezzar and not the Dream Boat?

the top 5 most anticipated gadgets of 2019 will not expurgate your sins, forgiveness comes from within and redemption from helping others.

*announcer voice*
indie games has a long and storied history. first there was chess, which was not published by ubisoft. after that came space war, and then indie games stopped when jon blow made fez.

wow it's 20h19 for the first time in 2019, this won't happen again for another 400 years.

chewing this gum has left me less fulfilled than i'd hoped.

the plural of dreamcast is dreams cast; a group of dreams cast is called a reverie.

if you think about it gillette has five razor blades whereas all other presidential candidates have three at most

i think the best way to your life is to read the latest article on medium and do whatever it says.

wow what drugs were they on when they created anything joyful in this dreary world.

one thing most of the star wars movies are missing is a guy licking the planet that they're on.

in the same way that it's fun to throw random twigs and detritus into a campfire i think it would be neat if we threw the moon into the sun.


if you think about it video games are just a different kind of triangle.

surely there must be an algorithm to test algorithms for bias.

if you're ever thrown back in time to medieval england first thing you do is ask for a "hot dog" and watch their reaction, it's a classic bit and they'll laugh along with you, in the end.

we've reimagined these screaming youtube gamer thumbnail faces as screaming ios app icon faces,

one thing i like about the derby is that after a race when they interview the winners the interviewers are also riding a horse

i just realised that by all objective metrics it should really be "cheesepie" rather than "cheesecake" and i'm too furious to continue this stupid cursèd day.

why do dentists only ever give out the shittiest toothbrushes

the defining feature of immersive sims is that you can use your numpad to punch in codes for in-game keypads, that's the "immersion" imho

and furthermore, "vagabonds and wastrels" is a perfectly acceptable form of group address

"a little bit high or a little bit academic, i'm not sure i can differentiate."

your eldritch horror name is five successive elements from the periodic table, starting at your birth date (apply apostrophes as necessary)

how do you do, je m'appelle zn'gageasse.

found out that the term of venery for hamsters is "a horde of hamsters" and the mental imagery is delicious.

@nicknicknicknick I do tons of eating just out of boredom, at 4am and otherwise. I wish I knew how to stop :/

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