BIPOC literature 

i'm looking for sources of public-domain literature (fic & non-fic) by BIPOC authors, hopefully to suggest for a digitisation project i'm following (and also for my own perusal).

for instance, gutenberg has a bookshelf of African-American writers at hoping there are more out there.

BIPOC literature 

@nicknicknicknick (fwiw the last time I looked into this when I was revising a syllabus for a text analysis class a few years ago, I couldn't find anything. I suspect someone has to actually do the work of assembling a bibliography and digitizing the texts)

BIPOC literature 

yeah, figured it would be difficult... didn't want to rely on other people's labour but also am entirely new at this type of archival work and wasn't sure where to start. at least this tells me that... anywhere is probably a good place to start!

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