anyone know a good – nay, great – backgammon app?

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if you're looking for an unsolved mysteries update:
Clubhouse Games (Switch) does include backgammon. having never used any other backgammon app, i deem this version: fine.

@nicknicknicknick there literally is not one. It is so upsetting to me. The last great one I knew of was for PalmOS.

This is why I wrote this, because FIBS is literally the best we have in 2022

@darius @nicknicknicknick I have to agree that there is no great app available :( Fibs is OK, nowadays most people play on either or -both have issues IMHO, but are worth a try

@nicknicknicknick darius and i played a game over mastodon once a few years ago but the process of copying and pasting the gameboard into the posts over and over again was not "great" tbh

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